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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just a Wish

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

As I scrolled down the App Store looking for new games to download, I came across this one game called 'Deemo' and the ratings are quite impressive. So I immediately download that game and then only I read the descriptions. Surprisingly, it is a piano game which included in the kind of game I hate because I don't know how to play piano (well obviously) and somehow I still continue downloaded it just to know why people really give 5-star to this game. As I opened it and started playing the game, the first thing that came across my mind was; I would NOT stop playing this because the music provided in this game ARE SO COOL! 

I even download the music in my laptop. Gosh, you're such a dork, Leen. I really can't help to be such an instrumental music junkie. 

So, back to the game 'Deemo'. What I really love about the music is the sound of the violin orchestra plays along while the player try to hit the notes of the piano. Well, the game is not that hard even for beginners like me. I can absolutely rate 5-star for the music provided and also for its user-friendliness. wonderful it's going to be if I really can play violin.
I really love the sound of the strings, how it touches my sense, how it immerses me into the soothing fantasy of myself holding the violin and play Czardas by Vittorio Monti like nobody cares. How I wish.
It's just a dream and still included in my wish list. But since I'm a wife now, the wish list has become longer than the great wall of China. When am I ever going to accomplish all the wishes or maybe half or quarter of it? Only Allah knows. 

I still have many things to achieve and learning violin is not included in my priority. What my husband and I had discussed so far is only the most important things that what normal and young husband and wife should do and should have as we just started our family. I could not let myself be selfish as learning violin acquires a lot of commitment in order to nail it. There are going to be money to spare for the classes, the time I have to spare for learning, for practicing, for looking after my family, for keeping up my job as both a teacher and wife and also probably a mother one day...Oh my! I can get tired even when I just list them out here. Although I'm not the no 1 breadwinner in the family since that's my husband's job, yet still, I don't want to be a pain-in-the-neck to anyone just because I really want to accomplish this little dream. 

I've watched a video by a violin teacher giving advice that it's never too old to learn instruments and what she said in the video were true. COMPLETELY. Learning requires a lot of commitment including financial-commitment. Sometimes, my inner demon makes me envy those who were born with silver spoon in their mouths because they do not have to worry about money to spend on every skill classes that they wish to take. Yet, I am still grateful for what I have now, and what I have accomplished so far because there're millions of other people around the globe who wish to have what I have now; a healthy body, a wonderful family, being married to someone I love, etc etc. O Allah, how can I ever be grateful for what You have bestowed on me. Alhamdulillah. 

I remember my mother in law said that in heaven, there's going to be music. Heaven is not made to be drop-dead silent. It's perfectly decorated with endless and perpetual beauty and also there's going to be soothing music played while the people of Jannah wine and dine, sitting under a big shady tree with their loved ones, saying good things about one another, complementing each other, having fun. Oh how I wish to be one of them. O Allah please grant my wish. As this is my one true wish. I want to be in heaven and I want to play the music there. I want my family to be in there too. I do not mind if I cannot accomplish this little dream of playing the worldly musical instrument as long as I get to play music when I'm in Heaven together with the best people I have known in this world. 


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