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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adik Takde Kije Yeaa...haha

While I was stalking my lil Bro, Syakira..oopss Syakir in Facebook

I was called to view his old photo album [gambar-gambar dia membirah]

I read the comments for the photos there...


Kahkahkah!!!! Kantoii dengan cikgu rupanya ko deq XD
Tular...sape suruh letak name album 'Takde Kije' lagi...padan muke kau~ 

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Simple Reflection of a NOOB

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

Listening to: Taylor Swift- Last Kiss
Hallo! Hallo! Hallo uolls!

How's life going on?
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please forgive me! [Make it a thousand apologies] for not updating this blog as regular as possible. Oh- so silly lah me. Before this, I really thought I cannot put focus on my study if I do blogging like usual but now I think I was very wrong. 
I need to blog- you know, to share my thoughts opinions. Although I know that there are not so many people would've read it up until the last word, I think, I still DO have loyal readers- at least a few who are very very loyal reading this blog.

Starting from my first day as a first-year degree student, I was not that kinda preoccupied with blogging since I thought I got many other important things to do instead of blogging and pour everything nonsense out in here. But now I would finally realize how selfish I had been.

I got a plenty of information that need to be shared with you people yet I just kept it to myself. Oh- that's totally selfish of me.

I got people who are very care about me and crazy to know about my updates in here yet I didn’t wrote much about what’s going on with me- you know- with my life and that would’ve probably left too many question marks and worries in their brain.

And again- this is my sorry.

Whatever it is, here I am! Back to the world of blogging. And hell-yeah I really miss this leisure. [poyo lah kau baru seminggu tak tulis ko dah jadi poyo macamneh. Haha]

Okay! Where would I start? far, I am happy to tell you guys that my subjects for this year are quite good- I think I can cope with them all. They’re quite heavy [you know Linguistic, Prose Forms and Short Stories, Education Philosophy, Thinking Skill, Communication Skill blah blah blaaah] but so far, I really enjoyed them to the fullest! Ececeh.
Huh- maybe it’s because I just had seen the tip of the iceberg only.
After this, they would go deeper
And deeper
And deeper
And I know I will probably end up like this:

The lecturers- one word to describe them: boring.

They kept on talking and talking and talking- yeah~ that's what they're been paid for..Duh!
Haha- but I really enjoy Dr Prema’s Literature class. She’s the only lecturer yang tak syok sendiri. Gitteww kan.
Because at least, she’s listening. Haha
Mr R is a bit you know- too overwhelmed with what he’s going to talk about; his zillions experiences. Sampai aku yang macam nak mati lemas kat depan dia pun dia macam tak perasan aje. I know that Communication Skill is quite tough but at least please have some connection and communicate with us. I prefer if he start to give us a 5/10 minutes break instead of going forward the lecture for the whole three hours kan. Pening uolls. Haha
The other lecturers, I think they’re just fine- typical lecturer kat mana-mana pun sama jugak.
But after all, I am still ALIVE okay. Tak adelah kiok pasal otak dah tepu sangat ke apa kan..bley? Haha

But all and all, I really enjoy my course! And very glad to learn that I am now officially a UNIVERSITY student. Hoho. Walaupun dalam hati aku sedih kan tak dapat fly macam seniors kan...tapi mek tetap bersukur nyah! XD

Lagi apa nak bagitau ye? Kelas pun dah lain sekarang ni. Still on the same floor but sekarang ni dah stuck in the middle pulek. Arrangement dalam kelas pun dah lain but still bentuk horseshoe. My seat still dapatlah jugak mencapub in front and right in the middle di apit oleh seorang suami orang [Imrang] and amoi cumil yang hwai tan [Caryn].

Oklah, so far, I am comfortable with this new arrangement. Sonang lah kita kan dah jadik assistant monitor kan, kenelah semangat sikit maintain duduk kat depan..bley? Walaupun ada orang tak suka kita jadik assistant monitor kan satu aje aku nak cakap: ADE AKU KESAH? 

Hohohoho! harsh words meyh. Alah tapi satu ni ajelah- I am tired of trying to satisfy other people but it hurts me like hell. Lantak sama kau, ko suke ke tak, ade aku kesah? Hohoho

Ok..I think I better stop here. Lain kali kite story-mory lagi okehhh. Lagipun I am busy with something else now-yeah I AM UP TO NO GOOD. Hehe. Takadelah acah mak enoooonnn....

Alright, I think that’s all. Thanks for reading! See you in the next entry.

Wassalam. XD