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Friday, October 29, 2010

Andai Seorang Perempuan Itu Datang

Assalamualaikum wbt...salam hari Jumaat untuk semua pembaca kesayanganku..!

Hari ni aku punya mood sangat baik!
Mood untuk bermuhasabah diri...
Mood nak dengar nasihat orang [Nasihat ye! Bukan kritikan dan cercaan yang lantak sama kau lah ada aku kesah?]...
Mood nak tidur pun ada jugak [oh- thanks to the weather! Sejuknya!]
Yelah makin nak exam, makin macam-macamlah benda yang aku mula start fikir...
Peperiksaan...hmm...kepada ummi tersayang...Mintak maaf mi..Umi tak kacik kite blogging bagai sebab nak dekat exam tapi kite blogging jugak sebab kite rasa blogging ni dah macam terapi minda buat kite..Kalau takde blog, kite rasa sangat tertekan...Takde tempat nak luah perasaan and rasa bersalah sebab tak menyampaikan maklumat penting kat kawan-kawan kite yang lain yang suke baca blog kite ni...

Oklah entry kali ni aku nak sebarkan satu pesanan...boleh dikatakan tazkirah
Ada seorang sahabat bagi kat Inbox FB aku [tak tau lah dia ni ingat aku lelaki ke? Adess]
Tapi takpelah..renung-renungkanlah ya!

Andai seorang perempuan datang kepadamu ketika kau berseorangan...

Andai seorang perempuan datang dan senyum mesra memandangmu...

Andai seorang perempuan datang duduk di sebelahmu membiarkan bahu dan punggungnya bersentuhan denganmu...

Andai seorang perempuan datang menanyakan tentang bentuk badannya kepadamu...

Andai seorang perempuan datang menanyakan tentang kecantikan wajah dan badannya kepadamu...

Andai seorang perempuan datang memintamu menghilangkan daun di rambutnya...

Andai seorang perempuan datang kepadamu sambil mendedahkan bahagian- bahagian tertentu...

Andai seorang perempuan datang tanpa segan silu denganmu...

Andai datang waktu itu, apakah tindakanmu?

gambar hiasan 


"Kau adalah kawan karibku."

"Gua takde perasaan dengan lu, so gua selambe jela dengan lu."

"Kau dah seperti abang kandungku."

"Kau dan aku bukan alim sangat jadi tak perlu hipokrit."

"Kaulah kekasihku, diri ini sepenuhnya milikmu."

"Aku tahu kau dan aku takkan mungkin berzina, kita pasti pandai mengawal diri."

"Oh, kau adalah bakal suamiku, aku harus berlatih dari sekarang mengurangkan malu".

"Ku berbuat begini tiada yang tahu, kau takkan cerita pada orang lain."


Andai seorang perempuan itu datang...

Dan hanya dirimu pengawal gelanggang...



TABAHKAN dirimu untuk menjadi LELAKI YANG UNGGUL!

Lelaki yang hormat pada hak bakal suami perempuan itu nanti,

Lelaki yang hormat pada maruah kaum ibu dan adik beradik perempuannya sendiri,

Lelaki yang takkan disogok dengan benda-benda free,

Lelaki yang punya jati diri, menegur kerana TAK MAHU ISTERINYA NANTI BEKAS-BEKAS LELAKI,

Insaflah wahai diri yang bernama lelaki,

Andai seorang perempuan itu datang...

Beranikanlah diri untuk menolak dengan matang...

Andai seorang perempuan itu datang...

Istighfar lah sebanyak yang mungkin...

Hmm..harap-harap mesej ni sampailah ke qalbu korang..
Ouhh..menusuk qalbu gitteww yek?

Oklah ni aje santapan rohani kali ni
Lain kali kalau ada apa-apa, aku tulis lagi
Renung-renungkanlah ye LELAKI?

p/s: tolong doakan aku nak exam 1hb November ni..heee...takutnye...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The American Pepper

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

Today is not a very good day for me. I got an ASS-essment for Volleyball this evening.
And it's totally sucks!
I can tell...well, I am such a kiddie pool when it comes to sports. Hey! What do you expect? 
So, one of the ways for me to release the tense is wandering throughout the Net, reading urban legends, tazkirah dotdot
Geesh- I luuurrvvveee urban legends!
And this one 'The American Pepper' is one of my faves
My teacher back in school gave me a copy of this story- Teacher Husna [she's an ex IPBArian you know!? huhu, she's WONDERFUL!]
Enjoy it! Expect the unexpected!
Happy Reading!

 "Mummy! Mummy!" shouted little Murna racing from the front door through to the kitchen. "There's a parcel. The postman's brought a parcel!"

      Her mother, Savni, looked at her in surprise. She had no idea who could have sent them a parcel. Maybe it was a mistake. She hurried to the door to find out. Sure enough, the postman was there, holding a parcel about the size of a small brick.

"From America, madam," he said. "See! American stamps."

      It was true. In the top right-hand corner of the brown paper parcel were three strange-looking stamps, showing a man's head. The package was addressed to Savni, in big, clear black letters.

      "Well, I suppose it must be from Great-Aunt Pasni," said Savni to herself, as the postman went on his way down the street, whistling. "Although it must be twenty years since we heard anything from her. I thought she would have been dead by now."

      Savni's husband Jornas and her son Arinas were just coming in from the garden, where Murna had run to tell them about the parcel. "Well, open it then!" said Arinas impatiently. "Let's see what's inside!"

      Setting the parcel down in the middle of the table, Savni carefully began to tear open the paper. Inside, there was a large silver container with a hinged lid, which was taped shut. There was also a letter.

      "What is it? What is it?" demanded Murna impatiently. "Is it a present?"

      "I have no idea," said Savni in confusion. "I think it must be from Great-Aunt Pasni. She went to America almost thirty years ago now. But we haven't heard from her in twenty years. Perhaps the letter will tell us." She opened the folded page cautiously, then looked up in dismay. "Well, this is no help!" she said in annoyance. "It's written in English! How does she expect us to read English? We're poor people, we have no education. Maybe Pasni has forgotten her native language, after thirty years in America."

      "Well, open the pot, anyway," said Jornas. "Let's see what's inside."

      Cautiously, Savni pulled the tape from the neck of the silver pot, and opened the lid. Four heads touched over the top of the container, as their owners stared down inside.

      "Strange," said Arinas. "All I see is powder." The pot was about one-third full of a kind of light-grey powder.

      "What is it?" asked Murna, mystified.

      "We don't know, darling," said Savni, stroking her daughter's hair. "What do you think?" Murna stared again into the pot.

      "I think it's coffee," she announced, finally. "American coffee."

      "It's the wrong colour for coffee, darling," said Jornas thoughtfully. "But maybe she's on the right track. It must be some kind of food." Murna, by now, had her nose right down into the pot. Suddenly, she lifted her head and sneezed loudly.

      "Id god ub by doze," she explained.

      "That's it!" said Arinas. "It must be pepper! Let me try some." Dipping a finger into the powder, he licked it. "Yes," he said, "it's pepper all right. Mild, but quite tasty. It's American pepper."

      "All right," said Savni, "we'll try it on the stew tonight. We'll have American-style stew!"

      That evening, the whole family agreed that the American pepper had added a special extra taste to their usual evening stew. They were delighted with it. By the end of the week, there was only a teaspoonful of the grey powder left in the silver container. Then Savni called a halt.

      "We're saving the last bit for Sunday. Dr. Haret is coming to dinner, and we'll let him have some as a special treat. Then it will be finished."

      The following Sunday, the whole family put on their best clothes, ready for dinner with Dr. Haret. He was the local doctor, and he had become a friend of the family many years before, when he had saved Arinas's life after an accident. Once every couple of months, Savni invited the doctor for dinner, and they all looked forward to his entertaining stories of his youth at the university in the capital.

      During dinner, Savni explained to the doctor about the mysterious American pepper, the last of which she had put in the stew they were eating, and the letter they could not read.

      "Well, give it to me, give it to me!" said the doctor briskly. "I speak English! I can translate it for you."

      Savni brought the letter, and the family waited, fascinated, as the doctor began to translate.


      "Dear Savni: you don't know me, but I am the son of your old Great-Aunt Pasni. She never talked much to us about the old country, but in her final illness earlier this year, she told us that after her death, she wanted her ashes to be sent back home to you, so that you could scatter them on the hills of the country where she was born. My mother died two weeks ago, and her funeral and cremation took place last week. I am sending her ashes to you in a silver casket. Please do as she asked, and spread them over the ground near where she was born. Your cousin, George Leary."

p/s: I think the only thing that they could do is go and berak on the respected hill or scattered their poop dekat hill :p

Moral of the story: Learn English! It's IMPORTANT or else you'll end up eating somebody's ashes..EWW!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh ALLAH...Please Forgive Me

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful...

O Allah, O Karim,
Please have mercy on me,

O Allah, O Karim,
Please forgive me for the sins I committed in the past
And those I will commit in the future.

O Allah,
Have mercy on all the Muslimeen,
And guide them.
Guide me O Allah,
And guide my parents,
My siblings, my cousins,
My aunts and uncles,
My nephews and nieces and so forth.

O Allah,
I ask You to strengthen my iman and those around me.
I ask You to soften my heart
And to soften the hearts of the believers.

O Allah,
Forgive me for my shortcomings, for only You are perfect.

O Allah,
Please forgive me if I ever got too wrapped in a matter
That I didn’t have time to utter Your name.

O Allah,
Please forgive me for all the solat I missed
Because of ignorance or laziness,
Please forgive me for all the fasts I didn’t make up,
Thinking it was “alright, since I fasted most of the days anyway”.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For the pound I never dropped into the metal cup for the homeless man begging on the street.

O Allah,
Please spark the love of Islam in my heart and in the hearts of every single Muslim
Until it gets implanted in their children and their children’s children and so on.

O Allah,
I ask that You help me for I am weak
And will only grow stronger by Your strength,
So Allah please strengthen me
To fight Satan and his whispers.
And if I ever fell into his trap
And followed my desirer,
Then sincerely forgive me,
For that displays not only my weakness,
But Your greatness as well.

O Allah,
Please lighten the punishment in the grave
For those before us and those after us.
Please Allah, lighten the punishment
And please shed light into every Muslim’s grave.

O Allah,
If I ever was too afraid
To stand up for Your deen
Because of what others would think
Then forgive me, for I was a fool for doing so.

O Allah,
Please protect me and each Muslim,
And protect especially the orphans and the widows.

O Allah,
Please strengthen the faith
Of the destitute Muslims around the world,
So they have hope to live.

O Allah,
If I ever forgot to do dua for even one suffering Muslim,
Then forgive me for then it is, as I haven’t done doa for the entire ummah.

O Allah,
Please be the light of my eyes, ears and heart.

O Allah,
Please be the light on the sides of me
And the light behind me
And the light in front of me.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For all the foul words I spoke
Either out of ignorance or
Because I was trying to be “cool”.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
If I never stopped to think about You,
Due to “other important things”

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For not having enough time
Or creating time for reading the Quran.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For listening to music
And watching movies and t.v.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For all the yelling I’ve done
And the arguments I’ve been in.
For the only time
The voice should be raised
Is for Your praises!

O Allah,
Please forgive me
For my disrespect towards my family,
Elders, siblings and so on.

O Allah,
Please forgive me for any backbiting I have been accused of,
Whether I did it consciously or unconsciously.

O Allah, Rab al-Alamin,
Forgive me,
Forgive me for everything.
So for everyone,
Every single Muslim,
Dead or alive,
I do doa that You forgive them for all their sins.

O Allah,
Please please please
Help the suffering Muslims 
of Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya,
Bosnia, Gujarat, Nigeria,
Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere around the world.
Please O Allah, make the Mujahideen victorious,
And let the beauty of Islam reign!

O Allah, give victory to the Muslims!
O Allah, please let true Islam reign!
O Allah, please increase our knowledge of Your deen and this world.

O Allah,
Please help us all and guide us,
For You are everything to us.

O Allah,
I cannot stress how much I ask for Your forgiveness and Your guidance.

O Allah,
I fear You
I fear You soooo much words cannot describe.
I fear the day when I will meet You,
And I WILL meet You.
When we are one on one,
And I have no one’s help or support.
No one can take the blame for me
Nor I for them.
The only thing I will have
Is a little book given to me by You
That has my deeds.

O Allah,
Please forgive me for my thoughts,
For even though I get sinned for my actions,
I cannot help but feel guilty for my thought
And I ask You to forgive me for them
And to clear my mind of any impurities
Until You become the only thing on my mind.

O Allah,
Please forgive me
If I ever did anything out of gain
For this life and not for Your pleasure.
If I did anything to “show off”
Then please forgive me for that.

O Allah,
I do doa that You grant us all God-fearing spouses
And grant us righteous children.

O Allah,
I do doa that You continue to strengthen this ummah until the Day of Resurrection.

O Allah,
Forgive me for whatever I have not mentioned,
For I am bound to forget
…but You,
through Your greatness…
You never forget.

O Allah,
Please grant all the Muslims Jannah-tul-Firdaus.

O Allah,
I ask that You shed Your mercy
On all the Prophets (peace be upon them)
And on all the Angels (peace be upon them).
Lastly, I do doa
You shed Your mercy
On the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),
His family and companions.
I do doa that You grant Prophet Muhammad
The highest station in paradise.

Rabbana Atina
Fudduniya Hasanah
Wafil aakhiratilhasanah
Waqina 'Azhabanaar..


p/s: All the best TESLians for your final exam! May ALLAH Bless us..! Ameen