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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tips Belajar Violin di Malaysia

Assalamualaikum wbt blogger-blogger tegar sekalian!

How's your day today?

Well, as for the topic above, I was spending my leisure watching Lindsey Stirling's vids (a famous American violinist) and was wondering how come there're only few Malaysians especially Malay who are interested in violin. Guitars are way too mainstream- tengoklah, there are way too many guitarists among the Malay (Najwa, Ainan Tasneem and Sham Kamikaze) but named Malay famous violinist. Blergh~

So when I was stuggling to pick up my ambition in learning violin, it was a tough job to search for any information about violin in the Net (from Malaysian perspective). Ramai yang provide info mostly Mat Salleh and Indonesians. So aku harap info yang aku bagi ni dapat menolong sesiapa sahaja yang berminat untuk memulakan langkah mempelajari violin di Malaysia negaraku sayang.

1. Survey violin pertama korang.
Pada kebiasaannya, harga standard violin untuk students dalam range RM 300- RM 550++ - so pilihlah yang terbaik mengikut kepada tahap kemampuan korang. Jenama biasa bagi students ialah Hofner, Valencia or Ashton (korang boleh cari online or survey kat kedai terus). Jangan membazir since you are just a beginner. Harga sebuah violin tu takkan menjanjikan korang skill that you need to develop through TIME! Analoginya macam kita nak belajar berjalan, kite kenalah belajar merangkak dulu kan? Tak kiralah waktu tu mak kita pakaikan kasut mahal ke or bagi kita minum susu mahal ke, if we do not struggle from within, kita takkan pandai berjalan jugak. Like learning violin, even korang pakai violin mahal sekalipun tapi skill korang hampeh, your violin still gonna sound horrible.

2. Beli violin yang berkenan di hati korang.
Aku personally prefer Hofner violin sebab violin teacher aku kata jenama ni bagus. :) Tapi beware of the price. I got my violin in last January and at that time, it costed me only RM 300++. But now when I go check again on the website, that same violin price increases to RM 550. What the hell happened and how? I have no idea.

3. Mulakan survey tempat belajar violin korang.
Aku tak berapa nak sokong kalau korang nak belajar violin sendiri since biasanya kalau belajar sendiri korang akan terbiasa dengan bad habits yang takde orang nak tolong tegurkan. Macam aku masa awal-awal dapat violin, aku ingatkan aku boleh belajar sendiri through youtube and ebooks and I never know I was soooo wrong at that time. Sebab ape aku cakap macamtu? Sebabbb...violin ni agak susah bagi beginner lagi-lagi adult beginner. Teknik dia bukan sesuatu yang korang boleh belajar dalam masa sehari aje. Teknik pegang bow je dah mengambil masa dalam dua tiga minggu untuk get used to. Apatah lagi skill-skill basic yang lain. So spend your money for some classes until you get used to the essentials and lepas korang dah okay barulah korang decide nak berhenti kelas atau tak.

4. Practice, practice, practice!
Pasal practice ni, everybody would say the same. Practice makes perfect. Kalau malas nak practice, makin lambat la korang nak dapatkan skill main violin ni. Bagi beginner, try to make your time at least half an hour daily to practice untuk membiasakan diri kita dengan skill-skill violin ni.

5. Bersabar.
Violin memang bunyinya buruk ye pada permulaan. Tak macam piano. Tapi kite kenalah bersabar (sebab aku pun still stuck kat phase ni). Never ever give up or stop trying sebab kemampuan seseorang tu berbeza. Ada yang senang nak pick up and macam aku ni dikategorikan average (according to my teacher la since I do not have any music background) tapi, dalam nak dapatkan sesuatu tu kita mestilah kena rajin berusaha, righttt? Aku ade terbaca dekat satu forum Omputih ni, diorang discuss pasal kemampuan adults untuk pick up violin and ramai cakap bagi yang baru bermula, kene banyaaakkk sabarr sebab sound violin yang kita produce tu huduh yang amat. Like broken see-saw. Tapi lama-kelamaan, bila kita dah kuasa techniques bowing and fingering, insyaAllah..we can play few interesting songs that are soooo beautiful even just for a beginner.

6. Dapatkan Mute Violin
Ni just cadangan la memandangkan sound violin yang beginner produce agak horrible, korang cubalah dapatkan mute untuk violin ni sebab mute dapat membantu dalam mengurangkan pitching dan volume violin korang. Kalau tak nak mengganggu jiran-jiran korang (lagi-lagi yang ada anak kecil) dengan bunyi violin korang, aku nasihatkan korang cuba dapatkan mute untuk violin. Murah je harganya..tak sampai berbelas ringgit pun. Try search for it di kedai alatan muzik atau suruh cikgu violin korang je belikan...dapat harga yang lagi murah.. Hehe..

7. Aksesori tambahan
- Extra strings: biasanya the A and E strings yang akan cepat putus, so lagi bagus korang cari strings yang berjenama sikit..janji tahan lama and sound pun lagi sedap. Beli awal-awal sebab bila korang tune kan violin korang, berkemungkinan tali yang murah akan lagi cepat putus berbanding dengan tali yang lebih tahan lasak. Kalau ade cikgu violin, elok serah kat dia je semua pasal strings bagai ni. :)

- Shoulder rest: bagi aku yang cepat lenguh-lenguh macam orang tua ni, shoulder rest sangaaat membantu hokayyy! Dia macam ala-ala tilam la dekat bahu korang sebab tanpa shoulder rest ni, kayu violin yang keras tu akan directly bersentuhan dengan collar bone korang, so biasanya orang akan cepat lenguh tanpa memakai shoulder rest. Bagi aku, shoulder rest ni agak penting laa untuk keselesaan bermain violin. Lagi satu, bagi yang berhijab, shoulder rest boleh mengelakkan violin korang slip ketika bermain since your hijab usually made form silky materials yang slippery do get this shoulder rest because it's like a violinist's best friend which is really really helpful.

Okay! So far, those are the only tips that I could provide since I am myself a total beginner.
Aku harap sesiapa yang berminat, tips-tips ni dapat membantu korang menerap langkah pertama dalam alam instrumental ni.

Tapi janganlah leka bermain alat muzik ni sampai kita lupa nak mengerjakan perintah-perintahNya ok?
That's all! Toodles !

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Update~

Assalamualaikum wbt and good morning!

It's been a while for me not updating this blog as I feel that there's nothing interesting in my life to be write about. Yeah seriously, nothing.
For those who are my sincere followers, this is my apology: I'm sorry for ignoring this blog for the past 3 months (I guess, or more?) since I thought that doing nothing is too mainstream I caught myself into it..too much.. haha

Well, just a quick update..
My mid year holiday is almost towards the end and I am having this heavy-feeling of leaving my home to stay and study in the college. As y'all know, study makes me become really pissy because of this and that ugh~ and I don't like to be a pain in the neck for everyone. Pain in the neck?? Let's go with pain in the arse- it emphasizes more about my pissy attitude. LOL

Adding salt to my wound, I would say that this eid is sooo frustrating since grandma wasn't around. (sobbing)

But, in order to calm all my nerves, I am now taking violin lesson for adult beginner at MPT Music House since the last early July (I guess), as learning violin is a part of my wishlist which I must accomplish before I reach 30 (insyaAllah). My violin teacher, Simon, has been really helpful in making me understand music better- thanks to his motivation I still have interest in this thang. Or I might doing it half-cooked. Haha

I bought myself this Hofner violin last January. This is one of the cheapest student violins I could get which cost me like RM 300++.


to be on the shortest list, I am seeing someone now. (not like literally seeing I guess).
I really have no idea where this relationship is taking me..
I do not know how I would manage to be in this whole different kind of odd situation since I've caught myself really into this boy-girl thing. I would not say I am taken aback about how the family's (his) getting on.
Or how he treats me.
I am all full of complex puzzledness.
I am adapting yet someone in it needs to guide me with graciousness...not with enforcement....not with comparisons....not with the green eyed monster that he took outta me.
somebody needs to learn how to treat a woman right.
Or I'll stay in this fathomless pit of confusions, forever. 
May ALLAH guide us all...

Monday, March 25, 2013


Have you ever feel disappointed with yourself and you believe that there's nothing good in you?
You think that no one in this world care about what you do because you don't care about them too.
People only care about the mistakes that you've done and their faces ignorantly keep on reminding you that you are nothing but worthless to them.
Have you ever try to reflect all the deeds and sins that you've committed but eventually you're stuck to a dead end?
You always wonder and ponder how this world and the people in it could become so evil but you might be ignorant about the cruel things that you have done to them too.
You think you've done your best to be a good man, but in the end, people still treat you like a scum.
Maybe they did not mean to treat you that way, but your feelings keep on telling yourself that they really do.
You feel disgusted with yourself and also the people around you.
But that abhorring feelings couldn't go away although you try to think there might be many more crueler people in this world other than you.
Are you cruel?
Maybe yes to some people, maybe not to some other people.
When you try to sleep, you commit the biggest lie.
You tell ALLAH that you've forgiven everyone who had done shits to you but when you wake up the next day, there's still hatred in your heart.
And when you bump into that person or any innocent strangers that are looking or behaving like them, you frown.
You frown and you get mad for no reasons.
You keep yourself quiet, and try not to believe that you have hatred in you.
Meaning you have the devil inside you.
But that feeling wouldn't just fade away and leave you in peace.
You cry and plead Allah to make all these stop, but God only helps those who help themselves.
So, please ALLAH..give courage in the heart of everyone of us who has this kind of feeling to let us help ourselves. Please ALLAH...bestowed upon us kind and forgiving hearts...keep us close to You...we're all just want to live in PEACE. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trend Kahwin.

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Aku baru habis blogwalking and aku perasan ramai yang sekarang ni sibuk troll kat dalam blog and pesbok pasal kahwin..kahwin..kahwin..
Naik jealous nyampah aku pasal sibuk sume nak discuss bajet kahwin memahal and macam tak ukur baju di badan sendiri...
Aku bukan apa aku tengok orang sekarang ni over sangat bila pikir bab mejelis kahwin, mejelis akad nikah,, glow in da dark..candy booth booth la padahal orangnye keje biasa-biasa aje...bukannya anak datuk or tan sri or anak sultan pon...
Yang aku tak boleh tahan bila mak bapaknye pon sibuk nak jugak demand wang hantaran lebih-lebih kat yang lelakinya...hailaaa...

Kalau anak pompuan ko tu master or phd holder, pandai masak sedap-sedap, tau mengemas rumah, baik hati, muka top2 Miranda Kerr, takpelah nak demand lebih-lebih hokayy...

Ni dah la SPM pon tak lopaih, pemalas, pengotor, perangai tak senonoh...depan lelaki aje cover ayu padahal kat rumah stok-stok pakai kain batik senget dengan rambut kembang nak demand duit hantaran sampai 10K...
Ko mampeww...
Mana tak botak laki ko...buat mejelis gempak2..sampai hutang keliling pinggang...last2 duduk rumah sewa kat flat ajek...kenduri makan nasik beriyani gam...dah kahwin duk la makan bubur kosong hari-hari pasal duit gaji asyik kene potong aje bayau hutang kahwin...

Cut your coat according to your cloth la deyyy...

Pasal tu la kalau orang yang bijak and rasional, die buat kenduri biasa-biasa aje...biase tu bukanlah taraf-taraf orang kahwin macam kene tangkap basah..buat majlis makan-makan yang lauknye biasa-biasa...hantaran pon tak tinggi nak mampos...pastu takdelah sibuk nak meriah-meriah sangat siap nak buat candy booth, photo booth bagai..kalau candy booth tokley bla die g letak choki-choki aje kannn..orang lain buat ko pon nak buat jugak kaannn padahal letak choki-choki ajerr...citpodaa...

Lantaklah korang yang buat camtu bukan aku yang kahwin ponn..
Tapi tulah...sekadar renungan je lah ...sebab makin lama makin tak bley bla trend orang kahwin sekarang..

Baik arr duit yang 10K ko tu ko buat down payment kereta dulu ke... or kumpul sikit lagi untuk bayau duit down payment rumah yang selesa ke...pastu kahwin buat ringkas-ringkas aje...janji life lepas kahwin tu bahagia sebab semua basic necessities dah ada...takdela nak pening2 or gaduh laki bini pasal hal-hal macamni kann..
ni idok...kahwin nak kat hotel renaissance, lepas kahwin kene kejar dengan bank sebab tak bayau hutang....
no wonder la kawin baru sebulan dah sibuk nak bercerai-berai....

Pastu, lagi satu yang aku paling tak paham dengan trend kawin masyarakat mesia sekarang ni ialah trend baju pengantin diorang....
Aku tak pelik la bile dah tua sok anak-anak ko gelakkan ko sebab baju kahwin ko warne blue turquoise dengan hot pink...takpun warna orange dengan purple golap...dah la kontra pastu mekap pulak macam nak g circus kheennn...ko nak kahwin ke nak join Katy Perry buat show? tau sekarang memang trend pakai baju warna warni yang kontras tapi takyah la sampai kawin pon nak warne cenggitu sebab gambar kahwin kan orang akan simpan sampai bile-bile...kalau nak pilih warna pon biolah warne yang classy...warna-warna pastel macam white or cream or soft pink....evergreen je kan....timeless...

Rasa-rasa antara due warna tema pelamin kat atas yang mana kene gelak dengan budak-budak 20 tahun akan datang?

K ah malas nak tulis panjang-panjang lagi...
Tapi aku harap supaya masyarakat mesia ni silalah berpijak di bumi yang nyata k...

Quotes to be pondered:
“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang berlebih-lebihan.” (Surah al-A’raaf, 7: 31)

Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day. --Gene Perret

Cau cin cau...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When Death is Near.

The Angel of Death is still wandering in my kampong ever since nenek passed away.
Obediently crossing out the names of people to be 'picked' because their time's already up.
We as the audience can only shiver when the thought of meeting up the Angel comes across our minds.

Last night was literally the last night for my neighbour, Allahyarhamah Kak Nurul Atiqah Ahmad (Al-Fatihah) to breathe the air upon this Earth. 

Kak Tiqa (right) AL-FATIHAH

She's still young - just 25 this year but when Allah says it's Kun Fayakun, she passed away peacefully after suffering from the aggressive Stage IV brain tumour at +-9 o'clock last night.
Everything merely started on the late September 2012 after she got involved in a minor car accident and the truth be told when the doctor finished doing a CT scan on her- to check if there's any broken bones and what they discovered was a stage II brain tumour instead. 
And the tiny little tumour started to spread up aggressively...TOTALLY..just within 3/4 months the benign turned into malignant and kept growing up until her head looked swollen like there's a bomb inside. 
I feel extremely thousands and thousands of sympathy+ sorry to her and her family for this but our sorry can't fight things that had been fated by ALLAH. 
This was totally the series of unfortunate events to my next door family when Kak Tiqah started behaving strangely after the accident- as her mother said- she slept a lot and turned to be a major passive in the house.
I was not really close to her but I know that she's a very kind-hearted person and I never expect that she'll be gone this early.

I mean...summing up the deaths happening in my kampong for this past one month, after grandma, the total of deaths occured here are entirely 6!'s not like I have no believe in fate of death but well seemed like the death really plays hard in my kampong lately.
Deviant yet subtle.
From ALLAH we came and to ALLAH we return.


Usually, before I hit the sacks...I always wonder how my life's gonna end up.
Is it because of sickness? or accident...or anything that can cause death other that those 2. Is it soon? Or am I gonna have a long and healthy life and gets to see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Wel, no one can tell.
I believe in Husnul Khatimah and every Muslims including me yearn for it.
I really wish I'll end up well...
like those people who died when they're praying...or when they are delivering birth or when they're studying or reading the Quran...or after they do solat taubatan nasuha...
Well, if I googled through the ways people wanna die, it's like EVERYBODY wants to die in peace.
Only sick people wanted to die tragically.
Literally tragic- seriously like committing suicide and etc.
But the thing I feared the most is to die in an accident.
Because it's unexpected..and shocking...
I don't want my family to get shocked because of me die in an accident- it's like 'mati katak' and I pray hard that I won't end up that way.
I'd rather die because of sickness rather than involved in an accident. so that, my family can learn the fact that I'm leaving slowly and slowly and silently and peacefully...not like a sudden death...which is horrifying.
It's gory beyond imagination.
It's gory even if I have a mere lil hunch about it.

well...I wrote a lot eh?
It's been a while yet it's kinda weird to start greeting you people with the topic of death and sorrow and ets etc.
However, truth is, nobody can escape from death....
even 'as luck would have it' Luck can't save you from death.
InsyaAllah if we follow every orders from ALLAH and do all of it sincerely...we will end up in Husnul Khatimah...just pray for it, everybody. yearn and pray for it.
If we only have eyes on the dunia the akhirah will forget us...we won't enjoy our life in the hereafter. As some ustaz would say, you PLAY now, you'll PAY later...
It's sad when what's been clearly revealed in the Quran about the people who cried out because of the futility they made when they lived on Earth happens to us. Na'uzubillahiminzalik....
I don't wanna be in that kind of group..
I wanna be in the group of people lying on the beautiful green carpets, wearing clothings design in heaven, eating fruits and drinking water from Salsabila, Kauthar, drinking milk and wine..who won't poop and urinate instead, we'll just sweat perfumes and live there in our mahligai with our family and wildan and the bidadaris happily ever after...InsyaAllah...Amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin....
I wanna be in that kind of I have to earn it..STARTING NOW, LEEN!
Heaven is fun and peaceful and in order to be in it, we have TO WORK HARD FOR IT! 
Let's work hard everyone! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hiatus on New Year

Today is a boring day for me. Ironically, it's New year. I tried to finish up Jay's work but it's like endless. I hate to admit that this semester has make my life a living hell. I tried to just go with it but everything seems fallen apart.

I miss home already and since I've screwed up on my yesterday's Poetry paper, it exactly had added extra intense for me to crawl to Jay's office now and kill her using 100 methods a serial killer would have think of. 
It's not that I hate's just I can't go on with this kind of situation..with her in it anymore.
It's gonna be an exactly 'hell no' if anybody gonna point me out to be her representative again for the next semester.

Furthermore, keeping up with my new appearance is a very challenging thing.
I try to be ...consistent.
Uh, but it's hard.
I tried to cover my aurah as a Muslimah the best as I can but sometimes, when I was in a hurry, I forgot to do this thing and that like wear socks, handsocks etc.
Just sometimes, I really wish I was born as a boy.
It looks kinda easy to be like them. Their aurah is not as restricted as girl's.
But Islam's my choice.
So I'll try my very best to follow every rules because I know...Islam is THE BEST.
InsyaAllah...O ALLAH...please keep me on this right track.


Okay gotta go!
I'm PMS-ing right now so everything I wrote down here is actually kinda off record.
I might delete this post on the next day.
ALLAH, help me....