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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sambal Goreng Ummi Kite

Assalamualaikum wbt untuk semua pembaca yang kite sayangi...

Entri ni khas untuk ummi kite 
Kite sayang ummi kite
Ummi kite selalu buatkan sambal goreng untuk kite bawak bekal ke asrama
Sambal goreng ummi kite sedaapppp
Dulu masa kite kat asrama SHARODZ, ramai kawan-kawan kite suke mengendeng makan sambal ni dengan kite
Jadi, sekejap aje sambal goreng ni habis, licin

Tapi masa kat IPBA, lain plak ragam kawan-kawan kite
Ramai kawan-kawan kite tak tahan pedas
Yelah, taulah kite sorang je orang Melaka kat sini kan
Orang Melake je lah kan suke makan pedas-pedas ni
Orang lain sume perut manja-manja tak tahan pedas

Ummi, yang setakat ni, 
Fatinok dengan Malina aje yang melantak sambal ni...
Alaina pondan Muo tu pon taknak makan sambal ni...benci die mari kite cerca dia !!! haha
Si Waheida budak Kelate tu apatah lagi...manihhh belako sume makanan die...hoho *racist sgt statement*
Boleh tahan lama tak sambal ni?
Minggu ni sarapan roti sambal ajelah nampaknye...hehehe
Sayang tau kalau tak habiskan
Penat ummi kite buat....

Oklah kite ade keje nih
Malas nak tulis pepanjang
Kepada ummi kite,
Jangan risau, sambal ummi ni pasti akan habis jugak
Don't worry bebeh! Hahaha

Nilah sambal goreng mak kite.... xD

Tadi kite kluar dengan minachi ni kejap sebab die rindu kat kite...bukan kite yang rindu kat die ye....die yang rindu kat kite..hahahaha

P/S: Sorry la entri ni aku tergedik gune ganti name 'kite' plak kan...ala saje je nak menggedik di malam hari ni uolls...hoho

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sky Admiration

Don't call me kiddie pool if I tell you this.
I have just realize that our sky can turn into every different colour that ever crossed our minds.
Whoaaaa! *Mouth open like a big fat 'O'*
Believe me, I'm kinda feeling like a deep old astronomer here. :)
It's like everybody can see the light bulb all over my head now..
I feel so intelligent because I discovered this without the helps from Mr Google.
Except for the picture that I'm gonna show you guys down below- still I have to thanks Google for helping me to defend my point. Haha

Let's take a look.
Everytime we picture the image of sky in our head, this one below will usually pop out, ayte?

The BLUE sky.

But wait! Have we ever think of the sky in a different colour like:-

ORANGE (During the sunset)

INDIGO (When it's dusk) 

 PINK (When it's pre-sunset, I think)


BLACK (at night :) )

RED (combination with orange during the sunset)

 GREEN (During a thunderstorm)

 PURPLE (usually during the dawn)

 and YELLOW (almost dusk)

I am totally immersed in serenity and peacefulness everytime I look at the sky.

'Can't you feel God's existence? Just take a look at the sky. Everything in this world have their own creators. Similar to this majestic sky. Who's the Powerful and Most Brilliant Creator that create the sky which can turn into variety of colours, decorated it with those beautiful hovering moon and millions of stars, the sun, clouds, with birds flying all over it. Think about who else can create the sky other than the omnipotent Power that create us- the humans- surrounding with every living things around us. Sheltered from the direct heat from the sun by the wonderful sky. Who else would create it other than God? So why would people simply think that God's not exist?'

That's what my dad told me everytime we argue about the reasons for the people who do not want to believe in the existence of God. 

I believe in God. and as a Muslim, my God is ALLAH.
I love ALLAH. 
Because I know that by loving Him is the ONLY way that can lighten up my heart and keep me happy.
I know that ALLAH plans everything for me (Qada' and Qadr) and they're for my own good.
ALLAH is Great.

To all my friends, Muslim or Nons, I just love to remind you that whenever you glance at the sky, please think and ponder about it's Majestic Creator. I'm sure that you're all gonna be humble by the radiance of God's existence.

And for the Muslims, never forget to say 'SubhanAllah' (",)