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Friday, October 22, 2010

B-day Bash in the red-letter October 21st 2010 evening! :)

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

Today I am feeling so happy, exuberant, jovial, etc etc because I HAD FINISHED UP AND SUBMITTED ALL MY SICKENING ASSIGNMENTS!!!
Huh, now I can put my total focus on the final exam!
Wish me luck, ok?

Well, today me just gonna share some pictures taken on my birthday yesterday. But, before I begin, I wud like to convey MILLIONS thank you to my beloved Parents: HJ Sulaiman B. A Ghani and HJH Rusitah Bt Abd. Latiff for showering me with endless love and care....and also thanks for sponsoring this b-day bash. I love you both infinity! Also, not forgetting my relatives, siblings, pet and friends especially the IPBArians, thank u very much for your wishes and gifts! I totally adore em all!! 

Here, enjoy the pics ok? ^___~

Secret Recipe MidValley- Fiqa belanja...but this one wasn't on my happened last Tuesday..huhuhu

Clockwise: Fiqa's, Memey's, Mine, Fara's

Cuapan dari kakak cayang..haha

Urm, yang ni no komen.. =__=" hahaha

Enjoying every minute spent :)

9pm October 21st 2010...Leen dah tua! hehe

Good friends aka lil' fiends of mine: From right: Kerry, Ijai, Imrang

Romeo and Juliet are Lesbians? haha

With Ijai Kenit :p

Potong! Potong cake!! :)

Hahaha [ehem..ehem..baju hadiah orang... :p)

Beloved bunch of friends: Fizur, Eida, Juju, Rina, Ijai and Kere

Happy + Kenyang! :)

Discussing sumthing with Ms Lam..haha!

We're good friends!

With 18th Oct baby: Farapoookkk!! :) hihi

Jujue, Farah, and Rina :)

Jujue, Memey, Fiqa and Farah :)

We're the IPBA's most fabulous October Babies!! :)

Happy B-day to us! :)

Pashmina: thanks Sabberina Sobberi aka Rina cumil :)
T-shirt Muslimah: Thanks Atak Eida cek mek molek :)

The B-day Gifts:

Pashmina (thank you Lam and Rina!)

Chocolate (Thanks Rizal ! )

Key Chain (Thanks Merang! )

Lipstick (Thanks Caryn! )

Handmade Booklet (Thanks Kak Diah! )

Bracelet: (Thanks Mimi and Raja! )

Novel (Thanks Memey! )

Book + Chocolate + Card: (Thanks Fara!! )

Muslimah T-shirt: (Thanks Eidaaa! )

Cutest One: Jojo and chocolate (Thanks so much Azham Vosovic!! ) 

Pashmina pink (Thanks Gaga!! )

Huhu! Alhamdulillah...I'm 19 now...panjang umur jugak laa..
Thanks again for all including you readers for reading this entry!
Ok that's all for now.
May our friendship last forever.. :)
Till then! Toodles! :)
Assalamualaikum.. :)


Rusitah said...

suka99...suka jadi student, ada ramai sahabat macam brothers & sisters(satu keluarga yg besar).
Tiba-tiba saja ummi teringat zaman "kanak-kanak dewasa" dulu. tapi....

Amalina Sulaiman said...

hehe! InsyaAllah...xde la nak cinta2 ni selagi tak masuk UPM...kalau cinta nak terus kahwin...hihhii!! :p

Azham Vosovic said...

Hahaha... m glad that you like the Jojo and Zip I bought. hehe.. Happy Birthday Leen!

Amalina Sulaiman said...

Hehe!! Thanks again azham!! :)