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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fashion Stereotyping

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my beloved readers...

It's been quite a week I don't update this blog...
My group (Ijai, Fizo, N-ta, Niwa and I) had just submitted our Social Studies mini video..well, about the's so tiring! I can tell...but, Alhamdulillah, after three days of suffering to do the shooting on top of the IPBM hill, at last..we managed to finish it up!
I was so eager to finish it early! Plus with other burdens some more, it's totally aching! life is actually going up side down these few days...I don't really have enough mood to talk and laugh but thanks to my kinda clever I would call friends and lecturers here in IPBA, not forgetting my mom..haha! Thanks for being patient with my annoying attitude...thanks for your smiles and jokes..thanks for your soothing advices...thanks for sharing happiness with a nobody like guys are the best companions in this whole wide world!

Ya ALLAH..Kuatkanlah semangatku...

Today, I feel like pouring my heart out about my disagreement in fashion stereotypes. Well, FYI, starting from the last June, I have made a huge paradigm shift in changing the way I used to be- my way of dressing. I started to learn more about Islamic dressing code and I think I have try my best to follow it. I bought new and bigger head scarves and other clothes that are bigger and looser for the sake of covering my aurah. I also chose to add more collections of baju kurung compared to the other teenagers that are same age with me who are very obsess with tight blouse and jeans. I am completely overwhelm when people wanted me to be more so-called liberal just because I chose to wear dresses that cover my aurat. Oh- people...GIVE ME A BREAK!

Why? You think people who chose to wear a bigger hijab are illiberal? You think people who chose to wear looser clothes are too perfect and they are not worth making any mistakes at all? Gee man..what are you actually trying to prove? It is so unfair if you blame us who chose to wear like this...covering our aurah as completely as we people who cannot make mistakes at all. Why are you being so narrow? Human cannot run away from sins because sins make us human. We are human and that means we are IMPERFECT! Why most of the people turn away from woman who chose to cover their aurah? Why? Are we looking scary that you might pee in your pants every time we pass by? Why are you keep on blaming us if you see us make any mistakes just because we are hijabis and also because our hijab is bigger than yours? It doesn't make any sense if people started to compare the kindness of a human being only by dwelling on the way they dress. 

The Quran has stressed the importance of covering our aurah. And wearing a hijab is an OBLIGATION to all Muslim women. No exception, okay. So, if you don't do what Allah has asked you to do, it means you are almost completely commit yourself into a sin of not wearing a proper attire that cover your aurah. Similar with the Quran prohibits us from taking alcohol... and as we all know, taking alcohol is a bigger sin than not covering your aurah, so are you trying to tell me that people who do not take alcohol are sin-free people? Or some of you would call it angels? Gosh...what is wrong with our mentality? It is good and nice to see girls cover their aurah, but why must people discriminate them? Don't they deserve to be treated as normal people. Is it an eyesore for you to see people who are trying their best to cover their aurah?

Why? Why??
Why are you being so unfair in the matter of fashion? 
Besides, is it our fault for causing people to judge women with bigger head scarves as perfect?
"Tudung labuh...tudung sampai tanah...tapi perangai jahat jugak"
"Eleh...tak padan dengan tudung labuh...tak padan dengan ustazah...cakap lepas jugak..." (adakah semua yang bertudung labuh ustazah? Maksudnya..orang yang bukan kerja jadi ustazah tak layak lah nak pakai tudung labuh?)

Adoi! What's up with these unfair statements? Why are you putting your faith on human? Why do you make people who wear tudung labuh as your role model in the way of everything? It's true and it's okay if you want to follow the way they dress, but you just should not simply put your beliefs 100% on xeroxing their way of life because they might make mistakes and when you cannot accept the mistakes, you will tell all the heck of people on this Mother Earth that 'don not believe in Hijabis [especially the tudung labuh one] sebab dia pon tau buat dosa jugak.' Oi! Oi! Oi! [suka suki suku kau aje ek nak kate gitu ek?]  

Disebabkan Nila setitik Rosak susu sebelanga! Nilah dia situasi yang dihadapi oleh pemakai tudung labuh....

Senang cite, please put your faith only on ALLAH and Nabi Muhammad. Tak payah nak gantung harapan pada manusia biasa tak kira lah saiz tudung dia labuh sampai cecah tanah ke hape...Sebab ALLAH Tuhan kita yang Satu dan Dia yang menjadikan kita, manusia ni...Dia yang menjadikan kita manusia yang sememangnya tidak sempurna..and ALLAH has a reason for not making us perfect because kalaulah ada yang perfect mulalah dipuja-puja bagai...And... put your faith on our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w...Sebab Nabi kita Maksum yakni tidak ada dosa...Ikutlah hadith-hadith Nabi...and cubalah amalkannya...Ingatlah..wanita yang bertudung labuh juga manusia biasa..mereka juga masih meraba-raba mencari jalan yang Haq ke syurga hakiki...Pintalah pada yang Khaliq...kerana Dialah Pencipta segala-galannya...

Berfesyen aje lah alakadar..tudung labuh jugak...Islam tak pernah halang umatnya berfashion..

Hmm...ok lah...Pesanan daripada penaja; letaklah ALLAH dan Rasul di tempat yang teratas dalam kehidupan kita....
Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca! :)

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