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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a Small World After All :)

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my beloved readers!!!

It's been so long since I last updated this blog. Well, as you all know, I always face the same problem all over again whenever the thought of updating my blog came up in my mind- no idea! no idea! and no idea~
haha Leen...forever no idea!
Lame, right?

Okay, so far, my life in UPM here is kinda hectic day by day until it reach to its climax which is today, whereby me and my friends just finished our brain-damagin and heartbreaking midterm papers. I just feel like sort of being lifted up from the ashes of distress and discomfort; my brain seems totally like a jungle now where I feel that none of the lectures (except French and Cik Pah's (yeah, sometimes)) entertain me so much as the lectures I received in IPBA. Oh now, I'm starting to miss IPBA soo much. And guess what, I think I did pretty bad in those tests. Oh why oh why malaysia's education system is exam-oriented???? WHYYYY???

And now the only comfortable thought that pop up in my feeble little brain right now is KNITTING.
*Yep, so much for my boring and geeky life*

I love knitting so much it kills me.
I love knitting so much that I am willing to sacrifice my money to buy its accessories.
I love knitting so much I love it MORE than I love my friends *Am I bluffing? Nah, it's so true, I am an anti-social..what to do? :p)

So, just now, after I had browse the entire worldwideweb just for the sake of finding the best and the cheapest 2 straight needles that I've yearned for, finally, the winner website with its winning and affordable price; finally finally finally grant my wishes. Oh thank ALLAH, thank ALAH, thank ALLAH!

these are the needles that gonna come knocking my front door :)

and what does this mengait job has to do with my topic above?

click the image for a bigger view :)

Haha! I CANNOT BELIEVE that this world is soooo sooooo small I can meet my oreng khempong in At first I really thought that she's a Turk when she started to write sentences like a Turk will normally did like Selam for Salam and stuff but when she asked me about my hometown, I feel like, Ohmaigog ohmaigod! Are you a MALAYSIAN??? Like REALLY? and surprisingly, she said that she IS a malaysian and just migrated to Turkey in 2010 and was happy to know that we're from the same kampong and same primary school.
Haha. sorry la kalau agak racist sikit but as the only Ayer Molek/Melaka girl in here, in my class, sometimes I just feel a tiny tiny bit of inferior when I found out that none of my course mates is from Malacca- specifically from Ayer Molek. How sad. :'( *sobbing* PRETTY CLEAR THAT MALACCANS ARE NOT VERY INTELLIGENT. haha

Ugh, whatever it is. those emails from Kak Ayza, as she preferred me to call her really enlightened up my mood today. like SERIOUSLY :p

so ukhuwah fillah kak ayza! really nice to know you and....

wink wink ;)


Madre Amor said...

waaahhh...mantop sangat org kpg. kita berhijrah ke sana.

Elle Who? said...

hehe tau takpe mi!! seronok sgt dpt kwn baru! hihi :p