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Friday, June 8, 2012

Coming Back


Hello readers!
Miss me?
It's been like almost 2 months I didn't update this dear blog..
I was called to read my oldest entries...this morning...
To get the spirit, you know..the long-lost writing spirit..LOL
Now I feel that it IS important ay to keep on writing? Because for me, I like to keep track on my life journey through blog posts since FYI, I am no longer writing diaries I write when I was 17, 18...55 inshaALLAH..cuz when I am getting older, I would love to reminisce those beautiful tiny moments I had in my life that are recorded in this dear I stay put in my daily know what I'm saying....
I hope I'll stay updating this blog. AJA AJA LEEN!
And I hope I won't disappoint my readers...if I have any (except my mom) ;p haha, JK Mom..
OK...I think that's all from now.
I miss you readers, commenters, stalkers...whatsoever! ;)
See ya!
Salam :D


ASyraff Ryu said...

At last...

Elle Who? said...

haha athir rindu kat aku keww? hoho

ASyraff Ryu said...

lama gler kot ko tak update..lame tak tengok kek,.,hahah

Elle Who? said...

Haha..kalo nak tgok kek kene tggu 2 minggu lg ar..time ak coti..skrg ni xley wat cake..ak ade final..doakan ak ye! :D