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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When Death is Near.

The Angel of Death is still wandering in my kampong ever since nenek passed away.
Obediently crossing out the names of people to be 'picked' because their time's already up.
We as the audience can only shiver when the thought of meeting up the Angel comes across our minds.

Last night was literally the last night for my neighbour, Allahyarhamah Kak Nurul Atiqah Ahmad (Al-Fatihah) to breathe the air upon this Earth. 

Kak Tiqa (right) AL-FATIHAH

She's still young - just 25 this year but when Allah says it's Kun Fayakun, she passed away peacefully after suffering from the aggressive Stage IV brain tumour at +-9 o'clock last night.
Everything merely started on the late September 2012 after she got involved in a minor car accident and the truth be told when the doctor finished doing a CT scan on her- to check if there's any broken bones and what they discovered was a stage II brain tumour instead. 
And the tiny little tumour started to spread up aggressively...TOTALLY..just within 3/4 months the benign turned into malignant and kept growing up until her head looked swollen like there's a bomb inside. 
I feel extremely thousands and thousands of sympathy+ sorry to her and her family for this but our sorry can't fight things that had been fated by ALLAH. 
This was totally the series of unfortunate events to my next door family when Kak Tiqah started behaving strangely after the accident- as her mother said- she slept a lot and turned to be a major passive in the house.
I was not really close to her but I know that she's a very kind-hearted person and I never expect that she'll be gone this early.

I mean...summing up the deaths happening in my kampong for this past one month, after grandma, the total of deaths occured here are entirely 6!'s not like I have no believe in fate of death but well seemed like the death really plays hard in my kampong lately.
Deviant yet subtle.
From ALLAH we came and to ALLAH we return.


Usually, before I hit the sacks...I always wonder how my life's gonna end up.
Is it because of sickness? or accident...or anything that can cause death other that those 2. Is it soon? Or am I gonna have a long and healthy life and gets to see my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Wel, no one can tell.
I believe in Husnul Khatimah and every Muslims including me yearn for it.
I really wish I'll end up well...
like those people who died when they're praying...or when they are delivering birth or when they're studying or reading the Quran...or after they do solat taubatan nasuha...
Well, if I googled through the ways people wanna die, it's like EVERYBODY wants to die in peace.
Only sick people wanted to die tragically.
Literally tragic- seriously like committing suicide and etc.
But the thing I feared the most is to die in an accident.
Because it's unexpected..and shocking...
I don't want my family to get shocked because of me die in an accident- it's like 'mati katak' and I pray hard that I won't end up that way.
I'd rather die because of sickness rather than involved in an accident. so that, my family can learn the fact that I'm leaving slowly and slowly and silently and peacefully...not like a sudden death...which is horrifying.
It's gory beyond imagination.
It's gory even if I have a mere lil hunch about it.

well...I wrote a lot eh?
It's been a while yet it's kinda weird to start greeting you people with the topic of death and sorrow and ets etc.
However, truth is, nobody can escape from death....
even 'as luck would have it' Luck can't save you from death.
InsyaAllah if we follow every orders from ALLAH and do all of it sincerely...we will end up in Husnul Khatimah...just pray for it, everybody. yearn and pray for it.
If we only have eyes on the dunia the akhirah will forget us...we won't enjoy our life in the hereafter. As some ustaz would say, you PLAY now, you'll PAY later...
It's sad when what's been clearly revealed in the Quran about the people who cried out because of the futility they made when they lived on Earth happens to us. Na'uzubillahiminzalik....
I don't wanna be in that kind of group..
I wanna be in the group of people lying on the beautiful green carpets, wearing clothings design in heaven, eating fruits and drinking water from Salsabila, Kauthar, drinking milk and wine..who won't poop and urinate instead, we'll just sweat perfumes and live there in our mahligai with our family and wildan and the bidadaris happily ever after...InsyaAllah...Amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin....
I wanna be in that kind of I have to earn it..STARTING NOW, LEEN!
Heaven is fun and peaceful and in order to be in it, we have TO WORK HARD FOR IT! 
Let's work hard everyone! :)


Madre Amor said...

.....Finally the day comes, when the Lord calls for me
And I stood before Him with my Life's History
I feel so guilty b'coz I should have prayed more
Isn't that what a Muslim lives for?.........

Elle Who? said...

hope everyone of us will end up with Husnul Khatimah...Amin.. :)