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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hiatus on New Year

Today is a boring day for me. Ironically, it's New year. I tried to finish up Jay's work but it's like endless. I hate to admit that this semester has make my life a living hell. I tried to just go with it but everything seems fallen apart.

I miss home already and since I've screwed up on my yesterday's Poetry paper, it exactly had added extra intense for me to crawl to Jay's office now and kill her using 100 methods a serial killer would have think of. 
It's not that I hate's just I can't go on with this kind of situation..with her in it anymore.
It's gonna be an exactly 'hell no' if anybody gonna point me out to be her representative again for the next semester.

Furthermore, keeping up with my new appearance is a very challenging thing.
I try to be ...consistent.
Uh, but it's hard.
I tried to cover my aurah as a Muslimah the best as I can but sometimes, when I was in a hurry, I forgot to do this thing and that like wear socks, handsocks etc.
Just sometimes, I really wish I was born as a boy.
It looks kinda easy to be like them. Their aurah is not as restricted as girl's.
But Islam's my choice.
So I'll try my very best to follow every rules because I know...Islam is THE BEST.
InsyaAllah...O ALLAH...please keep me on this right track.


Okay gotta go!
I'm PMS-ing right now so everything I wrote down here is actually kinda off record.
I might delete this post on the next day.
ALLAH, help me....

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