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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Brand New Concept

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Dearest readers..
Thank you so much for following my blog..and leaving me your very precious comments..I really appreciate them! Thanksalotzz!! 
Especially to my beloved mother, Hjh Rusitah Abdul Latiff..
Thank you soo much ummi for giving me a lot of useful tips and advices to get through this hectic life..
My mood now is quite okay..same as my confidence level as well..
Thanks to my mom again..That's very thoughtful of you for patiently listen to my chaotic problems ..and also for giving me calls..I love you sooo much..You are like the most precious gems I can find throughout my treasure box called LIFE..
I know some entries that I had posted here are quite rubbish and ain't beneficial to the readers..
They're considered as rubbish since they have no moral values..haha!
Moral values eh?
Yup...they're only the way I express myself..sharing my thoughts...
I what my mum said..

"Maybe, you should write your own personal diary instead of pouring everything inside of this blog..People may simply judge you by reading your writing here and will consequently caused a lot of misunderstanding..If you have any problems, just write it inside your personal diary that nobody can read it..It's need to write it out in the public places like blog and facebook..It's for your own privacy and safety from being corrupted by some of the irresponsible persons out there.."

huhu..yes now I understand that from now on I HAVE to start writing something that can benefits other..Mutualism I guess..haha

So to all my dearest readers..and friends that are following this blog..also not forgetting the silent readers,,FYI, I will start writing something that are more beneficial to both of be shared as a student a teacher a human a God's could be like something factual and informative..but I'll try my best to make it more interesting and fun to read! wink3!..=)..and I hope the mutual bond between me and you guys will become stronger, alligned with this new concept of my blog..

Thank you..Rise and Shine Amalina Sulaiman..a wonderful world is waiting for you ..InsyaAllah..=)

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