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Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks [book review]

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my beloved readers...

How's life going on? haha..well I hope you guys are enjoying your life to the fullest!
Mine? Hmmm..I think mine is quite okay..thanks to all my, dad, nenek and cik dodi..thank you! [ecececeh...macam menang award pulak daahh] hahaha

thanks soo much for listening to my oh-so-sickening problemas..I love you guys sooo muchy much!

Well, on the last Sunday, I've just finished up reading one of my my favvy novels by Nicholas Sparks which entitled 'Dear John'. I like the way Sparks wrote his novel and the way he arranged them- they are just puurrrrrr-fect! haha..Not too romantic but totally full of sadnosities..the pages are quite soggy now-holy kitty I was crying like crazy when Savannah leaves John and get married with her own male BFF...poor John...

Oh how I wish I could write like him..

Huh-ummmmm...what I was saying?

Yeah! [actually I am a bit suffering from short-term memory this few days..duh! I don't know why. So please apologize Amalina Sulaiman for her silly forgetfulness...hehe]

About Dear John which is very deary to me.. haha! I figured out that the theme is more toward sacrification for love ..and also love for the country..poor John has to make his own decision whether to sacrifice his love towards Savannah Lynn Curtis- his GF or for the dignity of his own country- America. Things started to turn topsy-turvy when the big tragedy of September 11th happened and John was very upset [yeah~ great he's in the military] and he has made the decision to signed up to be one of the soldiers that will go and 'commit suicide' in Iraq and Afghanistan...hmmm ..I'm not very agree with this perang2 know..I love ISLAM..and this is when Savannah and John started to exchange letters's so romantic and redeeming. I can tell..^^

Eh? Why am I telling you guys these junks? You guys should go and start reading this fab novel by yourself, mmkay! hahaha...Actually this novel has already being adapted into a movie ..starring Channing Tatum as John and Amanda Seyfried (Needy Lesnicki remember? LMAO) as Savannah. You guys can watch the movie trailer in  YouTube...the soundtrack is by Snow Patrol-  Set Fire to the Third Bar. It's quite beautiful..I kinda luurrvvee that song now..haha...still lingering in my head.."I'm miles from where you are...I lay on the cold ground and I..".lalalalala...haha...i like it..

yep! This is the novel..exactly like the one I had read (thanks to Miminok for borrowing me this book ..lurve ya hon..xoxo)

The old cover...^^

Well...I think that's all for now..haha..happy reading!! wink3

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