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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gil Ofarim- It's Your Love

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

Today, my mood is quite okay..Can you see ah?
I love my life! and I'm living it to the fullest! Yippie~!!
Actually , I don't have any idea wtp [what the penguins] am I I writing about now..
 ....I'm blur =_______________________="
Duh~ stupidnosity is my best policy
Learn Leen's new word- stupidnosity
hahaha...can I say crazinosity?
i just luurrrvvveee words that end up with "-sity"
Since I loike -sity sooo much [it doesn't matter whether it's siti or city or sity, i just like it-duh!! why am I explaining this??]
But puh-leassee..keep in mind
I don't really like Datuk Siti..haha..I just don't know why
It's just she's not my favourite singer typo.. know what?
During my schooling at Arabic ustazah once had told us... in Arabic- the word 'Siti' means nenek.. Nurhaliza..haha
Have fun with puns dear..

[ many 'haha' have I wrote hear, eh..?it's one of my crazinosity.haha..there it goes]

Look at my topic above!!
It's Gil of my fave childhood singer..he's damn hot~
I loike his long hair..he's kinda my childhood's dream hero..
well ..I kinda love his song which is 'It's Your Love''s the same one by Tim McGraw..but I'd rather like Gil's own version
his voice's soo fantastic
With his guitar some more..uh~ I just love it!
Here's the lyrics..
You may browsed through YouTube if you want to watch the video clip..

It's Your Love- Gil Ofarim

Dancin' In The Dark
Middle Of The Night
Takin' Your Heart
Holdin' It Tight
Emotional Touch
Touchin' My Skin
Askin' You To Do
What You'Ve Been Doin'
All Over Again
Oh, It'S A Beautiful Thing
Don'T Think I Can Keep It All In
I'Ve Just Gotta Let You Know
What It Is That Won'T Let Me Go


It'S Your Love
Just Does Somethin' To Me
Sends A Shock Right Through Me
Can'T Get Enough
And If You Wonder
About The Spell I'M Under
It'S Your Love

Better Than I Was
More Than I Am
All Of That Happened
By Takin' Your Hand
Who I Am Now
Is Who I'Ve Wanted To Be
Now That We'Re Together
Stronger Than Ever, Happy And Free
Oh, It'S A Beautiful Thing
Don'T Think I Can Keep It All In
And If You Ask Me Why I'Ll Change
All I Gotta Do Is Say Your Sweet Name

(Repeat Chorus)

Pretty boy..haha

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