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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Islamic Health Tips

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest reader!
Hurmm..I think it has been almost a week I left this blog alone,,bersawang here and there..

I am soooo sooo sorry...

Actually I was quite busy with my laaaaaaasssstttt assignments which are Reflection for our Macbeth play and also the Language Description`SVA, SVOO, SVOA...bla3 stuff...!!! haha..
Weeee!! And I had just finished both of them just now..!!

now I can enjoy my life to the fullest...!! peaceful, assignment-free, non-hectic life!!
Hey! I am not going to talk about all those silly assignments thingy..
but surprisingly...I am going to talk about...the Islamic Health Tips..


I know..I guys are surprised aren't u? it goes~without further ado..

Islamic Health Tips...
Happy reading..and don't forget to apply it in your daily lives especially for my beloved Muslim friends!! Non-Muslim also can use this tips since all of them are universal... =)

Dos and Don'ts after Eat:

  • Do not sleep!! It will harden your heart
  • Walk at least 40 steps
  • The best is go and do your prayer so that the food will be digested easily.
  • Taking bath after eating your meal
  • Moaning and groaning about the difficulties faced in life
  • Too! eat!!
  • Stayed up at night except for doing your qiamullail..alamak =_________="
  • consuming meat that are not slaughtered based on the Islamic way...[eh betul ke hayat hakuh ney??] haha
Factors to strengthen up your body:
  • Consume a lot of meat
  • always smell the sweet scented things; flowers, perfumes, fruits..air hujan?? hehe
  • Take shower frequently
  • Wear clothes that are made from cotton
  • Take your bath/ shower when you are not too hungry or too full; moderate lah..
  • Consume a lot of sweet delicacies
Factors that can contribute to unhealthiness:
  • too much eat!
  • too much talk!
  • too much sleep!!
hahahahaha~aiyaaarrkk =_______="

Factors that can weakened up your body:
  • Always be in the sad or negative moods
  • Too much drinking water that has mixed up with our own saliva [ewwww XP]
  • too much consuming sour food
For a healthy body:
  • Consume pure honey + mineral water
  • Drink the excess water from your wudhu'
For enhancing your mind power:
  • Avoid empty or nonsense talking or mengumpat, memfitnah orang and etc
  • Always bersugi
  • Always mixed around with orang2 alim
Factors that can contribute to forgetfulness:
  • Watching haram-haram thingy
  • Pissing off while brushing your teeth
  • Eating or drinking any foods that have ants...
  • Did not read the Quran
  • Eating foods that are not halal
  • Bad mouthing other people
  • Thinking too much about women or vice versa
  • Love drunk
  • Always have all sorts of negative and yellow thinking
  • Moaning...groaning about the pain faced in life 
Do not drink!!:
  • after having sports or after doing heavy things
  • after finished eating
  • while eating
  • after consuming fruits
  • after exit from the washroom
  • when you wake up suddenly in sleep

Avoid sleeping:

  • early in the morning after sunrise
  • after Asar
  • when you are directly under the sun..
Avoid sleeping during daytime especially when it's hot outside because it will:
  • contribute to skin diseases
  • damaged your skin colour
  • weakened up your heart
  • contribute to stress
  • weakened up your body
  • decrease your brain power
Tips to avoid haggard looking after waking up from sleep:
  • Clean up your body especially your face, hands and legs before you go to bed
  • Avoid sleeping late at night
  • Make some small stretching before you get out from bed
  • wash your face regularly especially your eyelids using warm water
  • Take wudhu' regularly and DO YOUR SUBUH PRAYER!
Factors that weakened up your eyesights:
  • Watching haram-haram thingy
  • Sitting against the qiblat
  • Frowning and making sour face
  • Always crying
hurmmm...I think that's all I can shared so far.. I think many of the tips might be helpful to all of us..soo..renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal!! =)) wink5
Gute Nacht!



wardatulmusleh said...

Thanks a lot 4 the valuable information given. As an akhwat, I support you to go beyond this. Chaiyok, Leen!!

Amalina Sulaiman said...

hahaha~ mekaceh kak diah!! akak pon
selamat berjuang..
jihad fisabilillah ok =)