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Sunday, November 13, 2011


People say
I should take supplements
Vitamin C...B Complex...Omega 3
For  my skin so dry 
and also for my effing PMS and irregular mood swings
I bought some Vitamin C
since I heard that Vitamin C can reduce stress

Ya know what, I am totally stress-free right now
There's nothing to be stress for...y'all
Ironically, there's a long list of incomplete assignments on my desk
And I still feel nothing :/


my mom bought these for me...ada promotion belilah kan....

Here goes my cheek...dah macam pinggan..haha


Madre Amor said...

Sebenarnya makanan fresh- fruits and vegetables lbh baik utk kesihatan.Supplement tu sesuai bagi mereka yg tak cukup makanan seimbang...hehe, bukannya utk buat koleksi jer eyhh!! harus dihabiskan makan ikut aturan ler yank..

Elle Who? said...

hehe baiklah...! ehhh...makan de x makan...huhuhu