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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beautiful Memory

Assalamualaikum wbt to all readers!

Have you ever feel like you're gonna lose something that you never ever expect it will gone forever?
Have you ever cry for something that isn't happening yet because you're so afraid that it might happen?
Have you ever think of someone you love struggling in their deathbed and you cannot be by their side?
Do you ever feel the guilt like a huge lump in your throat because you're not always there for someone you love so much?
Do you ever thought there's always someone who can ALWAYS listen to you and giving you thoughtful advice when you're so upset but that person is now struggling in the hospital?
Do you ever love a person so much that it's sooo hard to accept the reality now that they are sick?
Do you?
Do you?
This is what happening to me now..
I am worried to death!
I want nenek to recover soon but when the doctor said that she's in a very critical state now...only prayers I can offer now.
I miss her already and the memories I spend with her just floating by like the mallards in lake.
I want nenek to regain back her health but when mommy send me pictures of her in the hospital, bedridden...
I am kinda losing my grip now.
I have faith only in ALLAH.
So here's my prayer:
"O ALLAH..please have mercy on grandma's soul and please release the burden that she is feeling right now. Please help her to recover back...please please please spare the torment that she's feeling now because I know she despises hospital so much it kills her deep down. Please O ALLAH the Most Gracious Most Merciful...have mercy on grandma.. Amin.. :'(

nenek..I miss you... :'(

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apple damein said...

al fatihah utk nenek kau