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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Update~

Assalamualaikum wbt and good morning!

It's been a while for me not updating this blog as I feel that there's nothing interesting in my life to be write about. Yeah seriously, nothing.
For those who are my sincere followers, this is my apology: I'm sorry for ignoring this blog for the past 3 months (I guess, or more?) since I thought that doing nothing is too mainstream I caught myself into it..too much.. haha

Well, just a quick update..
My mid year holiday is almost towards the end and I am having this heavy-feeling of leaving my home to stay and study in the college. As y'all know, study makes me become really pissy because of this and that ugh~ and I don't like to be a pain in the neck for everyone. Pain in the neck?? Let's go with pain in the arse- it emphasizes more about my pissy attitude. LOL

Adding salt to my wound, I would say that this eid is sooo frustrating since grandma wasn't around. (sobbing)

But, in order to calm all my nerves, I am now taking violin lesson for adult beginner at MPT Music House since the last early July (I guess), as learning violin is a part of my wishlist which I must accomplish before I reach 30 (insyaAllah). My violin teacher, Simon, has been really helpful in making me understand music better- thanks to his motivation I still have interest in this thang. Or I might doing it half-cooked. Haha

I bought myself this Hofner violin last January. This is one of the cheapest student violins I could get which cost me like RM 300++.


to be on the shortest list, I am seeing someone now. (not like literally seeing I guess).
I really have no idea where this relationship is taking me..
I do not know how I would manage to be in this whole different kind of odd situation since I've caught myself really into this boy-girl thing. I would not say I am taken aback about how the family's (his) getting on.
Or how he treats me.
I am all full of complex puzzledness.
I am adapting yet someone in it needs to guide me with graciousness...not with enforcement....not with comparisons....not with the green eyed monster that he took outta me.
somebody needs to learn how to treat a woman right.
Or I'll stay in this fathomless pit of confusions, forever. 
May ALLAH guide us all...


fatinlea said...

Go Leen! :)

Elle Who? said...

Lea: haha you're my true follower indeed... LOL

Madre Amor said...

:p ecececehhhhh!ehhh???
MPH ke MPT Music House? ape daaaa....

Elle Who? said...

OOPPSS...hehee typo la tersyasyul? hehe noted~


Good luck! Allah yuftah alaikum. (for the last part) Hee ;)

Elle Who? said...


nuar27 said...

Assalam sis.. yuran pndftaran ngn bulann class music agak2 bpe?