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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Pelli-Chupulu for a Girl Like Me

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

Mood: Ana fenin lah. Feeling a bit lazy for the last whole weekend to do the up-dating because I was totally obsessed to finish up all the movies I keep for the past zillion years in this laptop. Ada tapi tak tengok nak buat apa kan? Hohoho

Huhu! To all TESLians..I know that you guys are so looking forward to the making of mango pickle this Saturday, aren't you? But I would love to remind you guys yang satu balang mango pickle tu spare kan untuk Leen sahaja, capish? Haha. [Narcissism..Narcissism!!]

Well, to the matter of the influence from Dr Premalatha, I know that all of us are kind of obsess with the mango pickling, [and urm humm maybe the pelli-chupulu also..haha] and all those insane things from 'the Mango Season'  that sometimes are quite similar with our very own Malaysian culture right? FYI, I know that some of the readers have no idea what is pelli-chupulu and I'm just going to explain it. Ok, Pelli chupulu is kinda like a bride-seeing ceremony and it's originated from the Telugu Brahmin's that describes an occasion when the prospective bridegroom comes to visit the prospective bride. It's like an arranged marriage..quite similar but this pelli-chupulu is from the Indian culture (Telugu Brahmin's) and it's meant to make a grand occasion for the marriage whereas the arranged marriage could be somewhat formal or maybe informal in 1001 ways.

Ok? Do you understand what is pelli-chupulu now?

And for a girl like me, I am not really a heck of a girl who would just let the fate play its role in making me find my own soulmate- or I'd rather call it 'a pelli-chupulu victim'. Maybe I would be the kind like Priya Ma (the main character in this novel) but I am the more decent version. You know, I still have my own way in explaining what is truthful and what is not truthful to Ummi and Abi about the guy that I have fall in love with (I mean 'will have') and I know both of them are kinda agree with love marriage instead of an arranged one since I know that now our family is a democratic one which totally loathe autocracy. And of course Ummi and Abi will approve as long as I know to take care my adat and syariah and I don't do all those embarrassing-embarrassing things that would've totally fall my parents' water face [direct translation..haha]

But I know that I am neither a social butterfly nor a geek (I could be a social fruitfly, eh haha) and of course I still have the same kind of feeling like everybody who lives on this planet Earth. I still have ambitions to be in love, fall in love, want this one particular man to love me and I'll love him back, have children and live happily ever after but no matter how deep the affections and ambitions they are, they're still only an ambition...a target...which I cannot fulfill it now but maybe someday when I already grow up and have my own career and my financial is quite stable..and..and...duh! and All those characteristics like every Moms and Dads in this planet would advice to their children.

But let's say if all of sudden, Ummi/Abi asks me to get involved with one pelli-chupulu where she had chosen one oh-so-perfect guy for me to be my husband and by hook or by crook, I mustn't decline or reject their choice and if I do so, I will break their heart into smithereens and all those negative feelings like 'Ummi and Abi dah tak sayang Malina lagi' and 'Apa keluarga si polan bin si polan tu akan cakap' and etc that I will have to swallow and will eventually will twinge my heart and consequently I'll marry that guy..a total stranger...the one that I do not choose ..the one yang I'd never ever imagine would be my husband. Oh My Gucci...what if that kind of situation happens to me?[pssst...although I know this kinda situation will only happens 99.99% since Ummi and Abi will not do that to me, kan ummi kan? hehe] But, like what I had told you...let's say if things like that happens...There could be few attempts I could do to force myself to accept it but of course I won't use gross tactics to endeavour lah...
  1. I will do solat istikharah. Let Allah lead my way to the correct decision.
  2. If I already have a lover at that time, I'll ask his opinion. Not to forget my parents opinion also. And I'll do my solat istikharah again and again until my mind will be clear to make any non-frantic decision.
  3. If the decision fall on the love-marriage side, I'll discuss with my parents thoroughly about this matter. Never play hide and seek with them. Tell them everything. Be honest. And respect their advises as the elders and as my parents.
  4. If the decision fall on the arranged one, I'll tell my lover about it and discuss with him under my parents consent. Every clouds has a silver lining. Maybe I'm not the right one for him. Maybe there's a better girl waiting for him, who knows?
Hmmm...this could be tough! I don't know what my fate would tell but as luck would have it, the guy that I am going to marry Insya-Allah will be a good Muslim guy. Amin...

Ok lah, I think that's all for this entry because my mind is actually not on writing anymore ...instead it's somewhere else..MY ASSIGNMENT!!! DUH DUH DUH!

Right, till then I guess...
Salam :)



budak_baek^_^ said...

oh my gucci..leen...
dah ade calon ke?hehe..^^

Amalina Sulaiman said...

hehe..rahsia2... :p