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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Dork who used to be an Avid Reader

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

I miss my old self. I don’t know why I said this but I really miss the old Amalina Sulaiman. I always think what I am doing right now, right here, is not really who I am. I used to be very perky in reading but now, ever since I chose to take TESL as my main course, I don’t think my interests in reading is growing any longer. I am such a phony. Sometimes, I don’t want to be my old self since I think that the old Leen is such a big fat NERD.

I read too many books... I was way too obsessed with books. Books were the only medium to bring happiness in my life. I love people giving me books. 

Even for my birthday, I asked my mum and dad to just buy me two or three copies of Enid Blyton's, RL. Stine's, since well, THAT would be more than enough to kill the boring 2 weeks I faced in school. I was such a book’s slave back then.

my Childhood obsession...her pieces are the BEST!

I owned this book but kena rampas masa spot check kat sekolah dulu...huuu

One of Ahern's pieces that I luurrvvee the MOST!

I can remember how I begged my SI pal (Secret Identity) to buy me this kinda set of Charmed books series but instead I got the book by Francine Pascal called Fearless due to the financial problem. Haha. That happens when I was in Form Two... silly dork...Of course I couldn’t have the series which cost more than RM100! 

And! Don’t laugh after reading this. I used to wear 4 inches of flaring, red lipstick which was my mum’s just to kiss at the back pages of my entire story books so that it won’t get stolen. My kisses are like my own personal cap mohor to the whole collections of books [oopps sorry ummi…I know you can’t recall this because I took your lipstick without your permission because I know you won’t let me wear it.] 
Muaahhh to all my books! Haha!

But now, I am NOT that kind of a geeky gal anymore. I think I read books for just the learning purpose. Yep. We’re taking TESL, and reading is just a complementary to success in exams. If I don’t do reading, I’ll be a dead meat.  I am very encouraged by lecturers especially Madam Razimah who really into this kinda old thing asking us to read more. Well, reading is NOT a THING; it’s a missing piece of me. Sometimes, I just have the feeling of looking at myself in the mirror and shout, “Yeah Leen. Bravo! You are really cool for NOT reading thoroughly the Mango Season and those books that need a thorough reading just because you are afraid that your bunch of friends will call you NERD, GEEK whatsoever! You think that you are going to be happy like this?  You are such a big jerk, Leen! Bravo!”

Holy cow, yep. I really AM a big, fat, ungrateful, JERK! Period. And I am FAKE too. So beware of me. [Tsk, tsk, tsk]

I hate myself for doing this. I loathed my old hobby of reading books and see now! I am such a sucker in writing! I don’t know what in the world I am writing now. I guess even the lecturers would’ve think that I am such a sucker in writing essays.
But literary, I am now Nicholas Sparks and Stephanie Meyer No. 1 Fan! Plus Ramlee Awang Murshid!! All of them are totally legends! I am trying to be an avid reader once again.

Say hi to Stephanie Meyer!

I adore all of his pieces! They are epics!

Hmm...well you know what? It's just sooooo hard to transform again into the old me.  And again I repeat...I miss the old geeky Leen aka Amal. Haha why am I writing this crap eh? Ugh~but seriously, to be blunt, I just want to be an avid reader once again. Now, I am slowly trying to adapt my old rusty mind with books one more time. And oh! Obviously, I still love to read motivational books which give me a lot of inspirations in facing this tiring life. Huh..well, IS a bitch.

Ok the end. Nothing else to write on.[Why am I writing this crap?]
ok bye2! salam...


Azham Vosovic said...

Leen, I have never like reading so I know how it feels to be forced to read..hahah...I love all the films which were based on Nicholas Spark's novel,it's very meaningful. I wish I could be one great writer like him too, insyaallah...

Amalina Sulaiman said...

huhu..yep insyaAllah....

Rusitah said...

"Bacalah!" Bacalah dengan nama Tuhan mu yang telah menjadikan....sampai kepada ujung "Yang telah mengajarkan kepada manusia apa yang dia tidak tahu" Surah Al'Alaq.
Manusia dimuliakan dengan ilmu pengetahuan dan ilmu itu kadang-kadang ada yang dalam otak, ada yang dengan lidah dan ada pula yang dituliskan - pantulan otak, kata-kata dan tulisan.

Amalina Sulaiman said...

insyaAllah ummi..huhu..thanks for your thoughtful advice...syg ummi :)

Amalina Sulaiman said...

ummi dah pandai post comment ek? hehehehhe