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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Fantabulous 3-Days Course!

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers!

How's your life getting on?
Mine is perfectly well~ yup!! It's just as happy as it seems
Spending quality time with family is the best thing rather than letting em being trashed or wasted doing nothing in front of the laptop, ayte? [haha...pedass pedass! ]

For the last 3 days before, I had gone to Kluang with my dearest ummi, Madre Amor to attend a short course in culinary [kinda since actually its actual audience was the entrepreneurs in food  industry and supposedly not to involve the young like me :) ]

So me telling that me feelin very lucky to be chosen to attend this short yet useful course.
Thanks to ummi and the officers from Kluang Veterinary Department for letting me attend this course! :)
And also to the absentees, thank you for NOT attending the course since your absence has helped in making my way to enter the course.

Okay, do you think that I am making a formal report here? Cuz I am feeling very excited to tell you guys about my fantabulous experience getting involved in the course pronto! 

At first, I just felt like did not want to attend the course since I think it's silly and just wasting my time cuz it's about entrepreneurship- hey! I'ma teacher-to-be what's it supposed to do with teaching, anyway [see how narrow my mind could be? Geesshh..] Besides, the participants are mostly from the older generations [single parents, rich and old entrepreneurs, retirees- you can imagine how I could socialise with them] 

When we found out about some of the empty spaces in the registration list, one of my mum's friend there named Zack-who quickly asked me to put in my name which he intentionally insisted me to participate. Since, I didn't want to disappoint anyone- [yeah- filial piety, I was the youngest there!], I reluctantly agreed.

And thank GOD I agreed because just after I signed up, I found out how fantastic that course could be !

Happy to be chosen! Yeeehaa!! xD

Ummi was also glad that her daughter-cayang can accompany her for the whole 3-days course!! Speak about quality time, eh? :)

I am not trying to blow my trumpet here, but I just really into culinary, cooking, when I learned that most of the schedule were particularly about cooking during the briefing- I was all over the moon! And I am happy to be introduced to the chef-in-charge- Chef Razak Abdullah who are going to guide us for the whole agendas. Well, he's just the kind of person people usually love to meet- warm, nice and friendly! :)

Chef Razak was explaining about how to make burger using this big bunk heavy machine

Kak Mia [one of my roomies from T'ganu] trying to make her group's burger. Ooopss I forgot! She's in Ummi's group! haha

Happy moments making burger :)

My groupies- ummi's not in my group and we're unintentionally competing to be in the best group! Me won! haha

Chef demonstrated to us how to make daging salai wrapped in the plastic apron-talk about recycling eh? xD

the daging salai ingredients

Me trying mum's daging salai xD

Curik tulang sekejap :p

Mum with Mrs. Wan [also our roomie from Segamat]

Some of the demonstrations made by Chef Razak..ahem....

Mum trying out our group's sausage- [although we forgot to put the 100g shortenings, it still tasted niiiccee since shortening only helps in lubricating the sausage. It doesn't affect the taste at all!! :) ]

My .I mean OUR sausages tasted really good :)...Malay sausage lah katakan :)

Posing posing! :)

Mom cooked daging salai! It' tasted better if we cook it ourselves


Kak Awe and Mr Khairi were preparing our group's pizza :) Final touch 

Last menu of the day= Pizza with the simplest topping [the DIY daging salai, DIY sausage, bombay onions, some grated parmesan cheese and chef's special bolognese sauce :) ] One slice can keep me full for the whole night- I didn't take my dinner :)

The next day menu were Sate, Jeera Chicken and Tandoori Rice! These three meals are just simple but need extra attention during the process; timing, heat blah blah blah..
And viola! The taste are finger lickin gooood! :)

"Lipak jangang tok lipak Ling!'' said Kak Mia haha
After finished making sate, we moved to Jeera chicken- which my group had finished earlier than ummi's..hihi 


ummi with kak zue were trying their best folding the banana leaves :)

Kak Mia with IDK-the-name-chef in their group xD

Looks like Satah but it's Jeera Chicken, yum yum!

With Pak cik from Aloq Setaq of my groupies ...borak borak orang tua..ehem3 hahaha

from left: Big Brother from Klate, me and Cik Wan in front of our sumptuous Tandoori Rice :)

The delicious Tandoori rice- practically tasted like beriyani but I think Tandoori tasted better because it's not as oily as beriyani I suppose

Hurmmm...the final ceremony: Last words from our kind and responsible Penghulu: Mr Rafael

Last words and farewell from Chef Razak :)
Facebook: Chef Razak Abdullah
Blog= click here

Whoa! IS an interesting course, isn't it?
I enjoyed every part of it. Because I learned rules in cooking A LOT!
I learned that our palms got many many enzymes that can contaminate our food. So wear latex gloves next time when we cook if we want the food to last longer.
I learned about halal and haram products...

Well, some reviews here:
I've met many adult friends there and figured out that they had involved in many problems in life particularly marriage problems and I saw that some of them [single parents] are very enthusiastic in advising ME [since I am the youngest and still socially relevant] to be careful in choosing spouse. One of them told me and my mum how she got involved in a terrible domestic violence and her ex husband was a very hot-tempered person. He once had hit her autism son until his head bled profusely and he can just watch him wailed for help from the mother without any sympathy. As a good and loyal wife who loved her husband so much, she patiently waited for him to change for 27 years until one day she just couldn't stand it anymore and the husband who was very 'gila talak' person had 'jatuhkan talak' for the third time and deliberately break their wedlocks. She's so grateful and told me that her marriage was a love-marriage and before she married him, he was such a nice and patient- didn't showed his 'belang' yet. I can see that although she had gone through a very terrible marriage, she still strong enough to take care of her 5 kids. She wanted to prove to her ex husband that although she's a single mom, she still can survive by making her own food business [that's the reason she joined this course]. She cried when she told us the story and I think the lesson's learnt! InsyaAllah, I'll try to be a good woman because I know ALLAH had promised that a good woman is reserved for a good man- and the other way around.

Okay! I think that's all for this entry!
Thanks so much for reading!'s 3 oclock in the morning dear... xD
See you all next time!
Wassalam :)

Cheese!! :)

p/s: thanks Mirul for helping us in directing our way to Bandar Kluang [Bank Pertanian]. I owe you, man! :)


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yik3.. ummi ng anak dy spent time for cookin class.. great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hahaha! toceyh3! :p