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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Grandkittenz ツ

Assalamualaikum wbt to all!!

Hurmm...on the last Monday (March 14, 2011), my beloved kitty daughter, Tini had given birth to these 5 little precious kittens that me and my family adore very much! FYI, Tini was very young when she started mating and phew~ I know right from the beginning that she's the type of a fertile lil she-cat since ...well, look at her first-borne..5! I mean 5??? Kitten limit for normal cats is actually 8 and she got 5?? For a young mommy like her- it's quite an achievement~ haha shocking to!

We haven't know whether they are he/she kittens yet but I've already set-aside this cute chubby kitty which I call 'Singlet' -look at its's kinda look as if it's wearing a strappy black&grey singlet. OMG! An absolute cuteness!!! Haha!
I know I am talking craps here so okay, I'm done! Just let the photos do the yapping ok? LMAO

This is the picture when she's still pregnant...cute xDD

pondering...."Oh...what am I going to tell the children about their father?? should I lie to them? Oh..that's very bad...but I myself confuse who's the one who had knock me up..." xDD

makan tido makan tidoo..senang seyh hidup jadi kucing...

yang si Tony Debab ni pon sibuk nak berangan gak...yelah...dia pun nervous tengok kakak dia pregnant first kittens


Terberanak!!! Amik ko.. the black one is the eldest...yang chocolate-grey ni 2nd 

Singlet my beloved yang kat kiri sekali tu...sumer breastfeed ok...good for babies' health! haha

Ooopss...tibe2 rasa thirsty pulak...babies minum susu....minum air liur aje la...mommy will always try to sacrifice everything....good to be mommy xDD

aishhhh!! Kecik-kecik dah pandai berebut....Singlet cool aje....huhu

sampai teleng-teleng kepala si Tini ni nak menyusukan babies dia... :)

Yang si Debab ni pulak...dah nervous sebab dia dah jadi UNCLE DEBAB!!! huhuhu

Ok..huhu...tak sabarnya nak tengok diorang besau sikit...mesti makin cute macam parents diorang...!!!
Maklumlah..ayah dia Persian....ntah-ntah bulu serupa macam si Debab ni...lebat macam baju sejuk!!
Waaa~ I can't wait to see them grow!!
Grow kitty grow!!!


.:rizaL:. said...

haha...kucing tu nmpk mcm pemalas je

iqapika said...

7 cats in a house?? wuu wuu

fadh ^_^ said...

gile bnyak anak die. geram!rase nak picit picit je!!!

Amalina Sulaiman said...

wizal: haha~ mmg pon...

pika: haruslah!! meriah kan rumah aku? huhu

fadh: uiks! jgn picit...nanti mati cucu ak...hahaha