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Friday, February 3, 2012

Double Chocolate Muffins (with Almonds)

Assalamualaikum wbt!

It's raining cats and dogs over here.
and i know that most people prefer sleeping rather than doing stuffs when it's raining outside, ay?
but i don't know. since i've overslept this morning, i just feel guilty to fall asleep again.
and i prefer to bake something rather than doing nothing. 
i tell you what, baking is quite addictive u know.
actually, i planned to bake muffins since last night.
but i skip it to today because it's no fun to bake at night when everybody was's just bringing up a very distasteful sleepiness sensation u know..well maybe it's just me..haha
again, i am enchanted with this 'I LOVE SUGAR' cook book.
and i tried another recipe in it. it's called Double chocolate Muffin.
and here's the recipe:-

i actually substitute the sour cream with buttermilk. and to those who don't have buttermilk, you can just make your own version of it. you just need to mix the equal amount of milk which is required in your recipe that use sour cream with 1 tsp of cream of tartar. and ur buttermilk is ready to go! :) 

this is the book version of the double choc muffins 

compared to my own version where i substitute the chocolate chips with chopped almonds.

i know this is called DOUBLE choc muffin. but hell, i AM SHORT of chocolate chips. and almond is the best substitute u know. because it's crunchy and yummy, and it added up the deliciousness of these muffins. i dare to guarantee :)

and we had sambal sotong + sawi goreng for lunch and i know you people out there don't need the recipes for these simple malay dishes cuz you can just GOOGLE em.
plus with these muffins as dessert, oh calories! calories! BUT WHO CARES~ haha

i recommend you guys WHO ENJOY BAKING to try this recipe.
i promise you that it's gonna be delish!


Azham Vosovic said...

aku tersilap singgah blog kau waktu tgh lapar begini hahahaha

anyway thumbs up for your cooking skill!

Elle Who? said...

hehe..thanks azham...suh mak ko buat..sedap2.. xD

ASyraff Ryu said...


Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said... bce post ni disaat aq sangat lapar....kesannya...bertambah lapar..sob..sob..='C

Madre Amor said...

oiittt kak, jangan habiskan sebelum ummi balik..nak rasa jugak.hehe

Madre Amor said...
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Elle Who? said...

athir: haha..ololoo...kat france kan banyak bakery...g beli! huhu

openg: haha~ g buat sendiri~ huhu

ummi: haha...ade sparekan untuk ummi lor...jgn wisau... xD

Orked Cleopatra said...

Ya Allah, syg ko...sbb pndai masak...wakakaka

sabry oppa said...

nice ") nice ") like :) like :)

singgah blog sabry oppa okey..

Elle Who? said...

acik: haha~ AMEENNNN.... :))

sabry: ok! :)