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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Beautiful Malacca~*

Haha! I don't mean to be an ethnocentrisme freak over here but all I ever wanted to say is- I luurrvve my hometown soo much! Hmm..let me tell you all from the beginning. I've been staying in Malacca ever since I was eight, and I'm telling you at first I haaaate this city soo much. I miss my dear Kluang Johore with my friends there. I didn't wanna stay in Malacca since I found out that majority people over here speak kinda harsh and loud as if I'm deaf. Duh! That's kinda s.u.c.k.s. haha. But, somehow, I found out that it's not so hard to find friends in Malacca since kids over here are friendly and really luuurrvve to mingle with outsiders. haha! kinda~ meaning here. they luurrvve to sakat-sakat me since I dunno the cursing they're putting on me. Huh! At that time, I really hate them but believe it or not, we're still friends until now!

I started to like staying here. This is where I live and also this is where I belong. Haha! I tell you once again kay! I ain't an ethnocentrisme freak!! By the way, I am going to tell you guys about my trip around Malacca with my dear friend, Rina and her lil brother and sista (Dais n Nissa) also wif my lil silly brother, Syakir on the last Tuesday. It was quite hectic trip but anyhow all of us really had a good time. Oh before I forget- Rina got this Nogori friend who wanted to join our trip but he came a bit late since his bus was at 9.15 am. Hence, my dear plan to start the trip at 9am was absolutely...kinda...wrecked. haha! When he came he seemed kinda quiet person and didn't tell us (i mean me and my lil bro who got no idea who's this guy that we've been waiting for 2 hours patiently [from other planet eh?kinda hard to hear him speak]-duh! got no hospitality to introduce himself or spit that lovely, magic words "I'm sorry for being late"..hmm..watever!). I am so sorry for writing this out but for at least, please show some cute hospitality towards people new to you. We don't know who the heck are you- dunno the name and all..that suddenly showed up late and didn't say a bit sorry for being late and still didn't wanna put on any courtesy to introduce the name. that was absolutely tuuuuttt..duh~ Hmm..please put this in mind: all people luuurrvve politeness. And all people wanted to be treated with politeness. so, why don't we be polite if we want to be treated with politeness by other people around us, am i right?. Hello! Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita, isn't it?

Pic 1: Adek, Rina and I infront of Clock Tower

Haha! Back to the trip. Around 12 pm, we started our journey to Banda Hilir by bus. An old, almost wrecked bus. Thanx to me. Haha. I don't recognize the pretty Panorama Melaka bus beside the bus we had taken. Anyhow, after half an hour, we reached our destination. The first was Taming Sari Tower. Gosh! It's just FAB! From this tower, I can see the whole Bandar Hilir; Eye On Malaysia, Istana Melaka, St Paul Hill, Clock Tower, Maritime Museum, A Famosa Forte, and many more-including Rina's house which is just nearby. :p

Pic 2: In Taming Sari Tower

There are many other fun places that we have visited:
  • Lang Rajawali
  • Dataran Pahlawan
  • Tortura Museum :[ the lament from the guilties was HORRIFYING! im scared to death when the moment we step into the museum, there's a skeleton inside a huge cage and we're specially greeted by Jack the Riper-really had ripped off my guts~haha
  • Food Court (hahaha)
  • A Famosa Forte
  • St Paul Hill
  • Playground nearby :p
  • Clock Tower (there's a snake show there- we didn't dare to touch that big, fat python! miss it- i wanna take a picture wif that big, slimy fella!
  • Maritime Museum (Samudera)
  • Eye On Malaysia (geesh! I think the screws had loosened a bit. Syakir's ass is soo fat! we can hear our gondola's creaking like somebody was hammering on it~ hmm..however we're fortunately :p
  • Malacca Central- ahahha :p
Hmm..thanx to Rina's dad for picking us up from the Eye on Malaysia..or else we have to take a loooooong walk towards the center of Banda Hilir (the Eye On Malaysia is kinda isolated from the other interesting places). His dad pick us up with an SUV and sent us all to the Malacca Central. At that time, it was around 6.30 am and we took a nice cab to come back home..hahaha

By the way before I end up, on that day (8th December), it was my mum and also Rina's birthday. so, i think that trip was kinda bfday blast for my sweet friend Rina (^_^). I bought this beautiful green muslimah shirt while Syakir bought a wooden traditional sandals for ummi's birthday presents. Ummi's kinda luuurrvve them. hehe..Meanwhile I bought this cute lil souvenir for Rina but unfortunately I forgot to give her after that tiring trip. I already told her and promised to give her that present on the next semester in IPBA>> :)
so that's all..simple yet meaningful description eh? enjoy the pics!~~*

Pic 3: Nearby Lang Rajawali (the old keretapi tanah melayu)

Pic 4: Lang Rajawali

Pic 5

pic 6: In front of Tortura Museum

Pic 7: Crazy bro..daredevil

Pic 8: die baby die! grrrr..

Pic 9: Dais takooowwt..haha

Pic 10: the proud albuqueque gang..haha

Pic 11: Somewhere..:p

Pic 12: wif st

Pic 13: Somewhere in playgrnd nearby

Pic 14: in front of Samudera

Pic 15: Oh Abang Tuah..saya boleh jadi Gusti Putri kamoo.. :p

Pic 16: Naek becA! :)

Pic 17: Rina nak naik gak! :p

Pic 18: The scandalous one :D

Pic 19: The Eye of Malaysia

Pic 20: Tired birthday girl..huhu :D

Pic 21: Inside the gondola..zzzzz..starting from the second round had really made me feel sleepy..zzzz :p

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