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Monday, December 7, 2009

.::Someone's watching Over Me::.

Hi there and peace upon the Muslims~

Wow! This is a great and soothing topic for me. I believe that wherever I go and whatever I do..SOMEONE strong up there is watching me..not only me..but also others. Observing our manners and attitudes. I am so encouraged to write this thing out since I myself do feel lonely and sometimes try to isolate myself..haha! talk about isolation..I kind of remember the song 'Lemon Tree' by Fool's Garden..
"Isolation is not good for me"..
yep! and THAT is totally true. When I mingle with people out there; my family, friends, classmates..and also with anyone..sometimes..when I am in a BIIIGG crowd..I still gotta feeling that I am lonely and nobody cares about me..although many attentions are specially for ME, I still have this kind of stupid feeling. I still got the feeling to isolate myself and do think that when I mingle with them, I only send my little fragile heart to be broken into smithereens by them. I feel that no one cares about my feeling. They only care about other's feeling. And that makes me feel sooo bad..makes me really wanna cry. Makes me feel that nobody knows my heart is screaming "please!pleasse! Listen to me!!" But no one does. Nobody wants to listen to it..and when that kind of situation came across..I really realized that I AM LONELY...

Haha! It's funny when people heard this. Leen..You got almost everything that you want. what makes you feel so....ungrateful? yep. They don't know me. They think that if I speak as a Malaccan [you know..they call em harsh..but for me it's NOT!] they think that I have no right to be respected..the reason why: it's all because my words are HARSH. Then, they deliberately can spit anything to me...what??! who do they think I am?? A robot?? No feelings at all? I still can accept when people criticised me but please!! don't just simply taken that I have no feeling. I do have a feeling to be a girl..i am also sensitive to what happens around me. (Oh my! You guys must be thinking how this girl is soo paranoid, huh) *wink2*

Hmm..back to the topic. I like the quote, "When you feel all alone in this world, and nobody's there to count your tears..just remember..wherever you go and whatever you do...ALLAH KNOWS..ALLAH KNOWS"

That makes me feel so great, happy and relieved when I know that ALLAH is there to watch guide me to go to the right path [Insyallah]..when I remember this makes me feel how lucky I am to be born in this be a be His slave..I look at the sky..and I feel how genius is ALLAH to create the sky without using any concrete..the sky is beautiful..soo beaitiful..with the clouds everywhere..many shapes..and when the night comes there's a moon hovering between the thick curtains of clouds and with the millions sparkling stars hanging everywhere..oh! I feel so proud to be created by ALLAH. Only ALLAH can make me feel sooo calm..sooo peaceful..and when I think deeper and deeper..oh I do feel so belonging.. ALLAH is watching over me now..and i got other works to do..hehe!I won't jsut simply ignored my duty as a responsibilities and people,,do think back what I have written especially the quote..We do not need to be lonely..although we're standing alone in a dark..ALLAH is watching over us~~*

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