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Monday, December 7, 2009

Say NO To Dry, Cracked and Itchy Skin!!!

Dear readers..

All of us know that Malaysia's soooooooooooo HOT! And no wonder I am now terribly suffering from dry skin-which is incurably irritating and annoys me a lot!
Actually I got this symptoms since I was a kid and I totally have no idea what to do with it since it attacks me over and over again; although I had seek a lot of medical stuffs and also the expensive health care products. Though, I still don't give up hopes to get a better skin one day [smug]. I hate Malaysian's weather..the hot and cold not very good for sensitive skin like me! Gosh! I really need to go to Dr Fauziah once again. It has been a very long time I didn't seek her medical advice..seems like aeon!! Yep, thanx for the hectic schedule in IPBA! Really had forgotten me to take care of myself especially my dear sensitive skin. I should now need to be careful of my skin conditions....starting from now! I hate peeling and cracked skin at my foot because they are totally, unimaginably painful when my foot gets into any soap water. Duh! When am I going to find the threshold for all this idiot symptoms??

And now I've found out some new tips to take care of my foot-and also heels. Check out these links since for me, they are totally helpful for foot cares:

I think from now on, I have to be more careful in choosing my footwear also I need to shortened the time for me getting showered since long bath can also results to dry, itchy skin!!
Here, I would like to share some of the tips in taking care of your foot and heels:

  • Use a pumice stone or sand stone to file hard, dry skin, then a foot cream to penetrate and hydrate the area.
  • Use footcare creams especially designed for nighttime use, and wear socks to help the cream better absorb into your dry, cracked heels during sleep.
  • Check your shoes regularly for tight spots and areas that rub against your dry, cracked heels.
  • Use insoles and other corrective devices to eliminate points of friction on your dry, cracked heels.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a wide toe box.

Hmm..helpful tips isn't it? Additional notes, I also need to avoid applying body lotions onto the cracked area since lotions contains alcohol which can worsen the dryness of the skin. Besides, I also need to drink plenty of water per day since water can helps in balancing our body pressure. So, say byebye to dry, cracked and itchy skin!! We can AVOID you! (^_^)

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