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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Diary is the Most Loyal Listener

Assalamualaikum wbt to all my dearest readers.

Actually I really have no idea what to write for this entry. Since I am quite free now, I just want to keep up-dating my blog because I know, there'll be the months that I would be totally forced to ignore this dear blog [assignment + exam months]. I just know that I won't have free time during those hectic months to do this up-dating since all of us TESLians are gonna be struggling at that moment to achieve good grades for this final. [Oh! I'm losing my guts..aww] Pray for us, please.

Dear readers,

I am just a normal girl who need listeners. But that doesn't mean that I'm such a lonely girl who would only do blogging for people to hear me. This blog is like a journal for my daily activities, events that I had attended etc, well, easy to say, this blog is a kind of medium for me to share experiences between other bloggers and readers. I would like to stress here that; this blog is absolutely NOT my diary but it could be my OPEN diary. Still, I have my own personal diary where I'd pour every single frustrations, happiness, tears, love etc etc in it. I wouldn't dare to write things about my private life in this blog because everyone knows that blogs are officially made to share opinions and experiences to people around the world- not to be used harshly, playing curse words and all like what people would do with their diaries. If we just simply write and blurt everything in our blogs, people who read it would misunderstand us and some of our foes might use things that we wrote in the blog for the purpose of damaging our reputation. So, for me, prevention is better than cure. I wouldn't want those things to happen to me especially in this critical semester. InsyaAllah.

Having diaries is actually encouraged for people [teenagers] like us. Well, I am kind of a bit hard to put my trust on people except my mum and dad. I never tell people anything about my personal problems while at the same time, I really, really have the urge of  needing a listener ASAP. I don't easily trust people so I put the trust on myself where I would pour everything inside my dear diary. Because I know, by writing EVERYTHING in it, it might cleared up my feeble mind a bit without having the tense of thinking that every single thing that I wrote in it would be spoiled like when we share secrets with our human friends. Unless there are some irresponsible scum who would just read other people's diary to poke on other people's business. Huh...for me, reading other people's diary is absolutely forbidden since well, I myself would've called those people who are very nosy in other people's business as *&*^( intruders.

I have diaries since I was in Form 2. Although I have best friends to share problems with, it doesn't mean that you can share EVERY SINGLE thing with them isn't it? Well, there are things that're better to keep in silence rather than spreading it out. Ignorant is bliss. You know what I mean aren't you? For instance, it's like normal people would have silent conflicts between their pals and probably, for the sake of keeping the good relationship to last longer, it's better to just keep your mouth shut and never even say a tiny word. So, there could be A LOT OF misunderstanding in getting to know and understand well about your friends, but to the matter of fact, you cannot just simply blurt everything that you misunderstand about them, since duh! Of course your friends would be offended and thinking that you always put prejudice on his/her and that's it, you and your friend will fight and if the Lady Luck are not smiling at you at that rackety moment, you might be urged to say bye-bye to your friendship-whether you want it or not.

So before things like that happen, it's better if I go and get an empty notebook and poured every single dissatisfaction, frustration, hatred inside it without telling anyone since it's not easy for some people to just simply forgive and forget. It would take years to build trust and just seconds to destroy it. Like many would've said; Love all, Trust a few. But for me, it's better for me myself to trust no one, tell my secrets to nobody, and no one will ever betray me. People might flinch when I want them to listen to my problems but a book- A Diary of mine would just stay there and be my LOYAL LISTENER forever!

That's all for now. TTYL. 
Assalamualaikum :)

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Azham Vosovic said...

salam, I know that not every thing can be shared to our friends. I also find it hard to trust people especially friends in IPBA. I know that I kind of regard my blog as my diary because I like people to read about my emotions and feelings because not many friends are willing to listen to every story of mine so by writing it in my blog, i can let my followers comment on it and share their opinion. anyway, good luck for your final exam...

Amalina Sulaiman said...

thank u azham..